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EA Sports Announces the Ultimate Dynasties Promo for EA FC 24

EA Sports Announces the Ultimate Dynasties Promo for EA FC 24
Introducing the exciting new event, featuring footballing duos who are related – Coming to your gaming consoles on December 8

EA Sports has recently announced the highly anticipated Ultimate Dynasties promo for EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode, set to make its dramatic debut on December 8. After the successful Radioactive event, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement about this fresh concept, featuring special cards dedicated to footballing duos who share a family connection.


Ultimate Dynasties Release Date and Time

Once the Radioactive promo expires on December 8, Ultimate Team players will immediately be able to access the Ultimate Dynasties items. The release date and time have been confirmed by a new loading screen within the popular Ultimate Team mode.

Following the standard EA Sports release schedule, the Ultimate Dynasties cards will be available starting 6 pm UK time in Ultimate Team mode. Players can expect to discover special cards in packs, as well as exciting new SBCs and objectives.

Ultimate Dynasties Global Availability

Gamers across the globe will be able to enjoy the fantastic Ultimate Dynasties promo. Players in the United States can access the new content at 10 am PT/1 pm ET, while Indian players will be able to experience the excitement at 11:30 pm IST. To determine local timings for other regions, simply account for time zone differences based on UK release time.

Advantages and Discounts for Ultimate Team Players

Ultimate Dynasties offers more than just a captivating new concept. Players in each region will benefit from exclusive in-game advantages and discounts. Specific promotions and discounts will be revealed closer to the promo launch. Keep an eye out for updates from EA Sports to make the most of these limited-time offers!

Promo Teasers and Speculations

While there have been various rumors regarding potential new Icons joining Ultimate Team, the confirmed cards thus far comprise the dynamic Dutch siblings Jurien and Quentin Timber. Stay tuned for more announcements to discover which famous football families will join the Timbers in this highly anticipated promo.

Join us in celebrating the Ultimate Dynasties promo and uncover how deep the football roots run in your favorite gaming platform!

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