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EA FC 24 Mystery Nation Easter Egg Guide: Unlock the FC Pro Open Secrets

EA FC 24 Mystery Nation Easter Egg Guide: Unlock the FC Pro Open Secrets

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to unravel the Easter egg in the ‘Mystery Nation in EA FC 24’ for its ‘FC Pro Open’ mode. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey through the world of EA FC 24 as we unravel the secrets, complete the objective, and unlock some enticing rewards. This guide will help you dominate the FC Pro Open and secure exclusive rewards by discovering the Mystery Nation Easter Egg.

Overview: FC Pro Open and the Mystery Nation Objective

EA FC 24’s FC Pro Open tournament has sparked a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. Players are tasked with uncovering the Mystery Nation Easter Egg in FC 24 Ultimate Team, an ongoing quest throughout the tournament that coincides with each match week.

Denmark has been the focus of the current week’s Mystery Nation Easter Egg, revealed during the FC Pro Matchday 3 livestream. With this in mind, let’s embark on a step-by-step guide to completing the Easter egg challenge and secure some brilliant rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide: Unravel the Easter Egg in FC Pro Open Mode

  1. Watch the Livestream: Keep an eye on the FC Pro livestream on Twitch or YouTube at the commencement of each match week to find out which Mystery Nation takes the spotlight.
  1. Link your EA and Twitch/YouTube accounts: Don’t forget to link your EA account with either Twitch or YouTube to activate rewards, bolstering the redemption factor of eSports rewards.
  1. Score with finesse: Utilize a player from the Mystery Nation, and score three goals with a finesse shot in any Ultimate Team game mode.
  1. Choose the right player: With Denmark as the current week’s Mystery Nation, focus on utilizing Danish talent like Christian Eriksen, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, Mikkel Damsgaard, Jesper Lindstrøm, or Rasmus Højlund to achieve the objective.
  1. Claim your rewards: After completing the challenge, claim the Coin Boost and 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack rewards to accelerate your progress in the game.


Tips and Tricks: Dominate the Mystery Nation Objective

  • Keep an eye on FC Pro livestream channels and community platforms to stay informed about each week’s Mystery Nation.
  • Connect with other players during the tournament, sharing Easter egg insights and strategies to navigate the challenge efficiently.
  • Experiment with different players and formations to unlock the full potential of your team, ensuring success across each match week.
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Rewards: Reap the Benefits of a Successful Easter Egg

Upon completing the Mystery Nation Easter Egg, players are granted the following rewards:

  1. Coin Boost: 1,000 Coins for Five Matches – a delightful boost enabling you to strengthen your team further.
  2. 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack: An additional player from the Mystery Nation, complementing your squad and increasing your chances of success.

The EA FC 24 Mystery Nation Easter Egg provides a unique and immersive experience for players, combining thrilling gameplay with the excitement of treasure hunting. Ready to take on the challenge and unravel the next Mystery Nation Easter Egg? Brace yourself for Match Week Four commencing at 6 pm on 18th December, and may the best gamer conquer the challenge!

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