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Introducing FC 24’s Black Friday Thunderstruck Extravaganza!

Introducing FC 24’s Black Friday Thunderstruck Extravaganza! 🎉⚡

Get ready to witness a gaming revolution as FC 24 unleashes the electric power of Thunderstruck cards at 6pm UK time on Friday, November 24! 🔥💥

One Sale to Rule Them All! ⚡🏆

Are you ready for a shopping spree that will shake the very foundations of EA Sports FC 24? 💸 Gear up for our electrifying Black Friday Sale featuring:

  • Promo Packs 🎁
  • Lightning Rounds 💨
  • Intense SBCs 🔥
  • New FC 24 PlayStyles 😎
  • And much, much more!

Catch the Lightning! ⚡🌩️

Don’t miss your chance to snag the awe-inspiring FC 24 Thunderstruck cards! Be part of history as we release our second brand-new promo in just two weeks, following the epic FC 24 FC Pro Live.

Thunderstruck Legends on the Horizon! 🌟⚽

Expect legendary names like Eric Cantona and Kaka to drop in a blaze of glory! Who else will join the coveted lineup? Stay tuned and witness the magic ✨ throughout the weekend with our ever-expanding list of FC 24 Thunderstruck cards! 🌠⚡

Who is in FC 24 Thunderstruck Team 1?

Join the Conversation! 📣

Stay in-the-know and keep the hype alive by using our official hashtag on social media: #FC24Thunderstruck 🌐 Connect with fellow fans, share your predictions, and discuss your favorite moments in FC 24.

Mark your calendars and get your game face on! ⚽ The highly anticipated FC 24 Black Friday Sale and Thunderstruck cards are about to change the world of EA Sports FC 24 forever! Be there or be left behind! 🏁💥

Countdown to FC 24 Black Friday Sale: ⚡T-minus 3… 2… 1… Thunderstruck! 💥

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