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FC24: Fire and Ice Power-Up Cards Guide

FC24: Fire and Ice Power-Up Cards Guide

Get ready for an action-packed 2024 with the introduction of two exciting new player card types: Fire and Ice. EA Sports FC24 Versus is here to kick off the year with a fresh promo, where famous players like Neymar Jr and Son Heung-Min receive upgraded cards and unique PlayStyles. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the FC24 Versus Fire and Ice promo, including key features, card differences, and team line-ups.

FC 24 Versus: Fire and Ice Overview

FC24 Versus brings an end to FC 24 Winter Wildcards and introduces a fresh batch of cards alongside a new SBC. The campaign features two distinct item types: FC 24 Versus Ice and FC 24 Versus Fire. Each selected player, such as Son Heung-Min and Kieran Trippier, receives an Ice and a Fire card, both boasting unique properties and stats.

FC 24 Ice vs FC 24 Fire: Differences Explained

The main distinction between the Ice and Fire cards is the unique positions and stats they offer for your custom line-up. Additionally, FC 24 PlayStyles play a significant role in determining the best fit for your team.

Take Son Heung-Min’s cards, for example. His Fire card positions him at ST with 92 shooting and 86 dribbling, whereas his Ice card sits at CAM, featuring 91 shooting and 88 dribbling. Both of his cards have an OVR of 90, but subtle differences in stats and positions contribute to their distinct values.

FC 24 Versus Team 1: Player Line-Up

On Friday, January 5, FC 24 Versus Team 1 was released, consisting of 12 players and a total of 24 cards since each player has an Ice and Fire card. Highlights from the line-up include Neymar Jr with 93-rated options at LW (Fire) and ST (Ice) and Kieran Trippier, who gets an 88-rated traditional Fire card at RB and a more experimental Ice card at CM position.

Other notable cards making up Team 1 include Camavinga (LB/CDM – Real Madrid, 87), Marta (RW/CAM – Orlando Pride, 89), and Raheem Sterling (LW/RW – Chelsea, 88), who is available via an SBC.

FC 24 Versus Team 2: Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the release of FC 24 Versus Team 2 on Friday, January 12. We’ll provide you with all the details upon its arrival. In the meantime, explore GR’s FC 24 formations guide for gameplay tips.

Same Position, Different Cards

Some players, like Lukas Hradecky (Bayer Leverkusen, 88), retain the same position for both their Ice and Fire cards. In this case, the distinction is primarily based on stat ratings, rather than position shifts or changes in PlayStyles.

The Complete List of FC 24 Versus Cards

Below is a comprehensive list of FC 24 Versus cards, accurate as of Friday, January 6:

  • Neymar Jr (Al Hilal, 93) – Ice LW, Fire ST
  • Son Heung-Min (Tottenham, 90) – Ice CAM, Fire ST
  • Marta (Orlando Pride, 89) – Ice CAM, Fire RW
  • Raheem Sterling (Chelsea, 88) – Ice RW, Fire LW [SBC only]
  • Sergio Ramos (Sevilla, 88) – Ice CDM, Fire CB
  • Kieran Trippier (Newcastle, 88) – Ice CM, Fire RB
  • Lukas Hradecky (Bayer Leverkusen, 88) – Ice GK, Fire GK
  • Morata (Atletico Madrid, 87) – Ice ST, Fire ST
  • Camavinga (Real Madrid, 87) – Ice CDM, Fire LB
  • Marco Asensio (Paris SG, 87) – Ice CAM, Fire RW
  • Leonardo Spinazzola (Roma, 85) – Ice LWB, Fire RW
  • Armand Lauriente (Sassuolo, 85) – Ice LW, Fire CM
  • Moussa Sissoko (Nantes, 85) – Ice CM, Fire RWB
Effective Use of Fire and Ice Cards in Gameplay

Now that you know the basics of Fire and Ice cards, it’s time to implement them into your gameplay. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Assess your current lineup: Evaluate your squad’s strengths and weaknesses to decide whether an Ice or Fire card would fit better into your gameplay strategy.
  1. Balance your formation: Mix and match Fire and Ice cards to suit their respective positions and attributes, which can have a significant impact on your formation’s performance.
  1. Maximize the PlayStyles: Fire and Ice cards come with unique PlayStyles that provide additional boosts to specific attributes. Understanding and leveraging these PlayStyles is crucial for crafting an unbeatable strategy.
  1. Turn weaknesses into strengths: Study which players in your lineup could benefit the most from a strategically placed Fire or Ice card. Upgrading the right player can shore up your weaknesses and transform your team.
Matchup Analysis and Gameplay Strategies

Here are some recommended strategies for utilizing your Fire and Ice cards against specific opponents:

  1. High press opponents: If facing an opponent who likes to press high up the pitch, opt for Ice cards that have better composure, passing, and dribbling to help your players maneuver out of  tight situations and avoid turnovers.
  2. Counter attacking opponents: Against teams that prefer a counter attacking style, utilize Fire cards to boost the speed and shooting of your forwards and wingers. This will help you catch them off guard and score quick goals on the break.
  3. Possession-based opponents: For teams that focus on keeping possession, Ice cards with high defensive stats can be valuable in intercepting passes and breaking up their rhythm. Additionally, Fire cards can give your players an extra burst of pace and agility to create space for themselves when in possession.
  4. Defensive-minded opponents: When facing a team that focuses heavily on defense, use Ice cards to strengthen your midfielders’ passing and vision abilities. This will allow you to unlock compact defenses with well-placed through balls and quick passes.

In addition, utilizing Ice cards on your defenders can give them the edge in physical battles and help shut down opposing attackers more effectively.

Aggressive opponents: Against teams that like to press high and play aggressively, Fire cards can be a game-changer. Use them on your midfielders to increase their pace and dribbling skills, allowing them to quickly maneuver out of tight spaces and beat opponents with skill moves. You can also use Fire cards on your forwards to give them an extra boost in shooting accuracy, making it easier for them to finish chances created by your aggressive build-up play.

Set-piece specialists: For teams that excel at set pieces, such as corners or free kicks, consider using Ice cards on your tallest players. This will increase their jumping and heading abilities, making them more dangerous in the box during these situations. You can also use Ice cards on your defenders to make them more solid in the air when defending set pieces against taller opponents.

Ball-playing teams: Teams that rely heavily on possession and passing should focus on using Water cards. These cards will improve your players’ passing accuracy and vision, allowing you to create even more chances through quick one-touch passes and intricate build-up play. Use Water cards on your midfielders and attackers to dictate the tempo of the game and keep control of possession.

Counter-attacking teams: If you like to play on the counter-attack, Lightning cards are perfect for your team. These cards will boost your players’ speed and agility.



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