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EA Reveals Details on Apex Legends Global Series Year 4

EA Reveals Details on Apex Legends Global Series Year 4

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the first details on Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4, which is set to feature a total prize pool of $5 million USD, Pro League and Challenger Circuit competitions, and three major LAN events. Building upon the success of Year 3, which saw significant year-on-year (YoY) increases in participation, watch time, and video views, EA aims to make the upcoming season even more exciting for Apex Legends esports enthusiasts.

LAN Events & Prize Pool Distribution

  • Split 1 Playoffs: With a prize pool of $1 million, the Split 1 Playoffs will be the first in-person LAN event of ALGS Year 4.
  • Split 2 Playoffs: The Split 2 Playoffs will also have a prize pool of $1 million, offering exciting battles between the top teams.
  • Year-End Championship: The Championship event, boasting a $2 million prize pool, will be the pinnacle of Year 4, featuring the best teams based on their Playoff Points and overall performance.

These three events alone will offer a combined prize pool of $4 million for the competing teams.

New Additions & Changes for Year 4

  • Inclusion of China: Year 4 will see the first-ever inclusion of players from China. Depending on their performance, a varying number of Chinese teams will be invited to participate in the Split 1 and Split 2 Playoffs, and eventually at the Championship event.
  • South America Pro League Representation: South America will no longer be part of the Pro League. However, the region will still have opportunities to qualify for all ALGS LAN events through the South America Challenger Circuit. The top 2 teams from the SA Regional Finals, which will distribute a total prize pool of $62.5k, will qualify for the Playoffs.

Regional Representation in LAN Events

Each of the planned LAN events in Year 4 will include at least one team from the following regions:

  • North America (NA)
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)
  • Asia Pacific North (APAC N)
  • Asia Pacific South (APAC S)
  • South America (SA)
  • China

With promising new changes and additions being introduced in the Apex Legends Global Series Year 4, fans of the popular esports title can look forward to another year of intense competition. Keep your eyes on the upcoming season and witness the rise of the best teams on the global stage.

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