Mobile Legends Franco guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos, and tips.

Mobile Legends Franco guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combos, and tips.

Franco, the Frozen Warrior: A Comprehensive Guide

Franco, the Frozen Warrior, is a powerful tank/support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his exceptional abilities to control the battlefield and disrupt enemies, he is an essential asset that can secure victory for any team. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the most effective build, suitable emblems, and crucial skill combos to help you become an unstoppable force in the Land of Dawn.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • High control effect with suppression
  • Can isolate and pick off key enemy heroes
  • Excellent ganker and roamer
  • Impactful even without items


  • Reliant on skill shots
  • Weak against heavy poke and kite compositions
  • Limited sustain
  • Requires good map awareness and positioning

Best Build

  1. Rapid Boots: Grants bonus movement speed, essential for efficient roaming and ganking.
  1. Oracle: Provides increased HP regeneration, cooldown reduction, and magic resistance, empowering Franco’s survivability and utility.
  1. Dominance Ice: Boosts mana, cooldown reduction, and armor, while reducing enemies’ attack speed and movement speed, further enhancing Franco’s control over enemies.
  1. Athena’s Shield: Adds a shield, magic resistance and HP, making Franco more resilient against magic damage dealers.
  1. Immortality: Provides a second life after taking lethal damage, with an added HP boost and magic resistance for added survivability.
  1. Queen’s Wings: Increases physical and magic damage reduction, grants cooldown reduction, and increases HP, making Franco harder to kill.

You may also substitute items according to the game situation to maximize your effectiveness on the battlefield.

Emblem Setup

Choose the Tank Emblem with the following allocations:

  1. Vitality: Boosts Franco’s maximum HP, enabling him to endure more damage.
  1. Fortress: Enhances Franco’s defenses, making him more durable in fights.
  1. Tenacity: Improves Franco’s ability to recover from crowd control effects, ensuring better survivability and utility for his team.

Skill Combos

  1. Standard Combo: Iron Hook (1st skill) -> Fury Shock (2nd skill) -> Bloody Hunt (Ultimate)
  1. Chase Combo: Rapid Boots (for movement speed) -> Iron Hook -> Fury Shock -> Bloody Hunt
  1. Disengage Combo: Fury Shock -> Iron Hook (to peel enemies off your allies) -> Bloody Hunt (optional, to secure an ally’s safety)
  1. Flicker Combo: Flicker (battle spell) -> Iron Hook (to increase hook range) -> Fury Shock -> Bloody Hunt

Tips and Tricks

  • Use Franco’s Passive, Wasteland Force, to gain movement speed for efficient roaming and ganking. Remember to avoid damage to activate and maintain the passive.
  • Hide in bushes to make your hooks more unpredictable and increase the chances of connecting with enemy heroes.
  • Use Flicker to extend the range of your hooks and surprise your enemies from unexpected angles.
  • Always be aware of your positioning. As a tank/support, Franco needs to protect his teammates while also controlling the enemy team’s movements.
  • Aim to hook high-value targets such as enemy marksman, mage, or key heroes that can turn the tide of a team fight.

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