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3 Mobile Legends Heroes to Crush Belerick’s Defense to Crush Belerick’s Defense

3 Mobile Legends (MLBB) Heroes to Crush Belerick’s Defense

Belerick, the Guardian of Nature, might not be the hero you face in every Mobile Legends match, but when you do, countering his tough armor can be a challenge. His thorns aren’t just for show; they deal devastating damage against your squishier teammates. If you’ve felt the sting of his vines in battle, you know how critical it is to stack your team with the right heroes who can stand against him.

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Valir – The Flame God

Valir isn’t just hot-headed; he’s the bane of tanks like Belerick. His searing flames burst out with stunning power, literally. From a distance, he can push back his foes to maintain that crucial space tanks despise.

For Valir, the key to success is range and control, so pack your build with mage-killing gear like the Ice Queen Wand – it’s not just for the ladies! Divine Glaive and Necklace of Durance will ensure your magic pierces through their armor and deals with any unwanted last-minute healing. When you go up against Belerick, know that potential and control are your friends.

Karrie – The Lost Star

Karrie isn’t just another marksman. Her true damage blasts straight through tank defenses like a hot knife through Belerick’s Deadly Thorns. Custom gear centered around Tank killing is a must for Karrie. Mobility and damage could make or break this matchup, so ensure you have Thunder Belt for those quick getaways and pursuit of unsuspecting Jungle monsters.

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Diggie – The Timekeeper

When in doubt and you see Belerick on the enemy team, it’s time to get Diggie. His Time Journey ultimate makes your teammates practically bulletproof against the Guardian of Nature’s crowd control skills. It’s not just being a tank, it’s about manipulating time to your advantage, shield items when you need to fortify your team’s strength, or lean towards magic if the tides are turning your favor.

So, next time you draft a team against Belerick, remember these three names – Valir, Karrie, and Diggie. They’ll be your best chance to counter the tanky Guardian and lead your squad to a game-changing victory in Mobile Legends. Picking the right counter is the first step; executing that battle plan will lead you to ascend the leaderboards and champion your playstyle!

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