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Destiny 2 Season of Wish: Brave the Warlord’s Ruin and Challenge the Rathil Boss

Destiny 2 Season of Wish: Brave the Warlord’s Ruin and Challenge the Rathil Boss

The latest installment in the Destiny 2 universe is upon us, featuring the brand new Season of the Wish! This captivating expansion offers players a fresh and thrilling dungeon to conquer – the ominous Warlord’s Ruin. Within its dark confines, Guardians must face three formidable bosses, beginning with the enigmatic Destiny 2 Rathil boss. As a primer for the spine-chilling challenges to come, Rathil will test your mettle and introduce you to the season’s innovative game mechanics. Beware, however, for underestimating Rathil’s prowess may well be your undoing!

The Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon: A Place of Enigma and Peril

At the outset of the dungeon, prepare for an intense onslaught as a horde of enemies arrives, soon followed by the formidable Rathil. Swiftly eliminate these smaller adversaries and seek cover from the boss’s menacing attacks. Once this initial wave falters, the battleground shifts to a mysterious location adorned with hanging cages. Tense ambience prevails, exacerbated by the eerie presence of Taken eyes surveying the cages.

As Guardians acclimate to their unsettling surroundings, a pivotal moment presents itself – the countdown of Imminent Wish. When the timer reaches zero, the stage is set for a high-stakes battle against Rathil. Before launching your offensive, dispatch the ominous Taken eyes. With the orbs eradicated, the cage doors swing open, signaling the commencement of the next grueling phase.

Key Features and Tactics for Conquering the Rathil Boss Fight

In the arena, Guardians will spot otherworldly structures resembling Scorn Stasis turrets encased in white circles. Stepping into these circles allows you to commandeer the turrets, extending their attack duration. Clever positioning may even enable the simultaneous capture of two points. However, be warned as this feat must be accomplished within the Imminent Wish timer of 30 seconds.

As the conflict unfolds, a crucial message appears on the left of your HUD: “Rathil’s hex backfires!” Take this as your cue to cease preparations and unleash your assault on Rathil. Concurrently, another timer, Naeem’s Wish Empowerment, materializes. It serves as a gauge of the remaining time to deal significant damage. The attack phase concludes with the message “Rathil breaks free of the hex!” and the cycle recommences until the boss falls and prisoners are relinquished.

Rathil’s unparalleled challenge demands a diverse array of strategies from fireteams. Traditional rocket launchers deliver considerable damage, but evading the disruptive ads requires finesse. For a more conservative approach, establishing a Well of Radiance ensures survival while traversing the battlefield. While Rathil merely represents one of the trio of encounters, his defeat remains integral to conquering the Warlord’s Ruin.

A Season of Ambition – Is the Season of Wish Worth Your Time?

In comparison to prior Destiny 2 updates, the Season of Wish stands as an ambitious and innovative addition to the franchise. The Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, with its harrowing setting and dynamic objectives, delivers a unique and exhilarating experience. The ever-challenging Rathil boss battle acts as a precursor to the intense trials that await players within this highly-recommended update. So gear up, Guardians – the Season of Wish stirs with intrigue and excitement, and it’s up to you to decide whether this thrill is worth your time.


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