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Building the Ultimate Scizor in Pokemon Unite

Building the Ultimate Scizor in Pokemon Unite

As a gaming expert, I’m here to help you navigate the treacherous waters of Pokemon Unite and create an optimized Scizor build that you can take into battle to defeat your foes. First, let’s explore Scizor’s unique characteristics, type affiliations, and moves.

Scizor: A Quick Overview

In Pokemon Unite, Scizor is an All-Rounder fighter, with an affinity for strong melee and physical attacks. Its main type is Bug/Steel, which gives it a unique combination of types, and allows it to adapt to different battle situations. With Scizor’s inherent strengths, we can craft a strategic plan that maximizes its potential while minimizing its weaknesses.

Scizor’s Abilities and Moves

Scizor’s move pool consists of impressive offensive and utility moves, which, when used correctly, can make it unstoppable. Keep the following abilities in mind when constructing your Scizor build:

  1. Basic Attack: Empowers Scizor’s attacks every few seconds, dealing increased damage and stealing movement speed from the enemy.
  2. Passive: Scizor has increased attack speed and the ability to execute basic attacks in quick succession.
  3. Swords Dance: Enhances Scizor’s attack and allows it to evade vulnerability.
  4. Bullet Punch: A fast, dashing attack that damages enemies in its path.
  5. Dual Wingbeat: Scizor leaps forward, attacking enemies around it and briefly stunning them.

Move Order For First In First Out
One of the best Scizor builds, the First In, First Out features the following move order:

Swords Dance – Basic – Basic – Dual Wingbeat – Basic – Basic – Dual Wingbeat – Basic

Scizor’s Biggest Strength: Team Coordination

Scizor thrives in coordinated team fights. Its ability to initiate team-based encounters, and dish out substantial damage, makes it an essential champion in your roster. When used correctly, it can take out enemies with ease, thanks to its high burst damage.

In-Game Strategies for Scizor
  1. Initiate team fights with Swords Dance, followed by Bullet Punch into the enemy backline. Follow up with a flurry of basic attacks and Dual Wingbeat to finish off your foes.
  2. Focus on peeling for your teammates. Using Dual Wingbeat and Bullet Punch to disrupt the enemy team’s damage dealers is essential in protecting your backline.
  3. Take advantage of Scizor’s type advantages. Scizor’s Bug and Steel types provide it with unique resistances and weaknesses, which can be exploited against certain opponents in the game.
Team Composition and Synergy

Scizor works well with a variety of team compositions, due to its adaptability. Take note of some key allies that can support Scizor to create a powerful lineup:

  1. Supportive heroes with crowd control abilities, such as Snorlax or Wigglytuff, help Scizor lock down enemies for easy takedowns.
  2. Sustained damage dealers like Ninetales or Cramorant pair well with Scizor’s burst damage playstyle. They can also help Scizor clean up after initiating team fights.
  3. Engage tanks like Blastoise or Slowbro can help Scizor initiate the fights, reducing the burden of initiation and allowing Scizor to focus on dealing damage.
Maximizing Scizor’s Potential

To make the most of Scizor’s strengths and cover its weaknesses, consider practicing your mechanics, working on your decision-making, and experimenting with your preferred builds. Don’t be afraid to switch up your lineup or switch roles if needed – often times the most successful teams are flexible and willing to adapt.

By leveraging Scizor’s kit of crowd control abilities and bursts of damage, you can build a powerful and effective team around it. With the right setup and execution, there’s no limit to what you can achieve! Good luck!

We hope this article has given you insight into how to make the most out of Scizor in competitive esports. Building a powerful lineup with strong supportive heroes, sustained damage dealers, and engage tanks will help maximize Scizor’s potential on the battlefield. Remember to practice your mechanics, work on decision-making, experiment with builds, and stay flexible with your team compositions. With these tips, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the field of esports!  Good luck!

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