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Pokémon Go Comprehensive Guide

Pokémon Go Comprehensive Guide

Pokémon Go is an addictive, mobile game that has millions of players exploring the world around them to catch and collect their favorite Pokémon. But it’s not just about walking around and collecting Pokémon, it’s also about powering them up to compete in gyms, raids, and other battles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to be successful in Pokémon Go.

Overview of Game Mechanics

Obtaining and Leveling Up Pokémon

To obtain Pokémon, you’ll need to walk around and explore the world around you. Pokémon will appear on your map, and you’ll have to walk up to them to begin a catching attempt. Once in range, tap on the Pokémon, and you’ll enter a catching mini-game. Throw Poké Balls by swiping your finger on the screen to capture the desired Pokémon.

Leveling up Pokémon involves using a resource called Candy, specific to each Pokémon species. You gain Candy when you catch, hatch, or transfer Pokémon. To level up a Pokémon and increase its stats, find it in your Pokémon inventory, tap the Power-Up button, and expend the required amount of Candy and Stardust.

Earning Experience Points (XP)

XP is essential to increase your Trainer level. You can earn XP by catching and evolving Pokémon, hatching eggs, spinning PokéStops, battling in gyms and raids, and completing daily quests. Leveling up rewards you with items and unlocks new gameplay features.

Exploring Different Regions

In Pokémon Go, various regions can be based on real-world geographical areas. Some Pokémon are exclusive to specific regions. This requires players to travel or collaborate with friends to trade for these exclusive Pokémon.

Tips and Tricks for Catching Rare Pokémon

  1. Use Lures and Incense: Lure Modules and Incense are items that increase the chance of wild Pokémon spawning around you, increasing the odds of finding rare Pokémon.
  2. Keep an Eye on Silhouettes: If you see a silhouette on your “Nearby” display, it indicates that a Pokémon you haven’t caught before is nearby. Track it down to expand your Pokédex.
  3. Take Advantage of Events: Pokémon Go frequently hosts events that increase the spawn rate of specific or rare Pokémon. Keep an eye on event announcements and participate to catch rare Pokémon.

Introduction to Battle Systems

Gym Battles

When you reach level 5, you can participate in gym battles. Gyms are real-world locations where Trainers can battle against the gym’s current team members to take control of the gym. Gyms have three colors representing the three teams: Valor (red), Mystic (blue), and Instinct (yellow).

To battle a gym, walk up to it, and tap on it. Select your team of six Pokémon and start the battle. Battles involve quickly swiping sideways to dodge attacks, tapping to execute basic attacks, and holding down the screen to perform a charged attack. Conquering a gym rewards you with items, XP, and PokéCoins for your team.

Raid Battles

Raids occur at gyms and involve battling a powerful Raid Boss Pokémon with other trainers. Each raid is tiered, from 1-star (easy) to 5-star (legendary) difficulty. Gather a team of trainers and use your six best Pokémon to defeat the Raid Boss, earning XP, items, and a chance to catch the Raid Boss Pokémon.


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