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Is Pokémon GO Becoming a Monthly Subscription?

Is Pokémon GO Becoming a Monthly Subscription?

Unlock exclusive rewards like avatar clothing, poses, XP, and Stardust with paid tickets for research during Pokémon GO events.

Check out the upcoming tickets for 2023:
– January: 2 tickets for $2
– February: 1 ticket for $1
– March: 2 tickets for $5.99
– April: 2 tickets for $2
– May: 1 ticket for $1
– June: 4 tickets for $12
– July: 4 tickets for $12
– August: 1 ticket for $1
– September: 4 tickets for $9
– October: 4 tickets for $12
– November: 5 tickets for $6.99
– December: 6 tickets for $20

Please note that the GO Fest, Hoenn Tour, and City Safari tickets are not included in the table. It seems that towards the end of the year, many events require paid tickets, which can add up quickly.

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Are event tickets becoming more common?

During the Timeless Travels season, a $5 Eggs-pedition Access ticket is available each month. This ticket offers Timed Research opportunities, Incubators, Gift storage, and extra XP. Each month, new Timed Research is unlocked with this ticket. It feels like a beta subscription model to pay monthly for basic gameplay bonuses like opening and holding more gifts.

The Ticket of Treats in October 2023 was the first instance of this model. It provided spooky Halloween-themed Timed Research every Thursday throughout the month. With the ticket, you had until the end of October to complete all the research tasks.

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