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Alan Wake 2’s Final Draft: Unraveling the Next Chapter of the Remedy Connected Universe

Alan Wake 2’s Final Draft: Unraveling the Next Chapter of the Remedy Connected Universe

Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake 2 received much-deserved recognition for its fantastic story, visuals, and direction. With the release of the Final Draft update, the connected narrative from both Alan Wake 2 and Remedy’s wider universe has only become more intriguing. Here, we dive into the significance of the Final Draft and what it could mean for the future of the Remedy Connected Universe (RCU).

Main Plotlines and Character Development in Final Draft

Final Draft essentially serves as a New Game Plus mode, with an additional narrative and a completely new ending that expands upon the base game experience. It alters various elements and scenes to reflect events revealed in the base plot, ultimately tying the Final Draft version of the story into the larger RCU.

One key development in Final Draft is the message from Control’s Dr. Casper Darling. In this message, Darling is seen exploring the Dark Place and commenting on how the voice of Alan Wake eerily resembles his own. This revelation strongly links Darling to the world of Alan Wake, potentially setting up a broader narrative that could be explored in future RCU games.

In the standard ending, Alan Wake, along with agents Saga Anderson and Alex Casey, are seemingly trapped in the Dark Place. Logan, Saga’s daughter, remains in an uncertain state, and their escape is left unanswered. However, the Final Draft resolves these lingering questions, providing closure and a sense of triumph for the main characters as they vanquish their foes and escape unharmed.

The RCU: Beyond Alan Wake 2

Alan’s final line in the Final Draft suggests he could act as a guiding figure for future characters within the RCU, stating: “by overcoming Mr. Scratch’s influence and restoring himself, he is now the master of two worlds…no, many worlds.” With Control 2 in development, the prospect of integrating Dr. Darling’s connection to Alan Wake, as well as Alan’s expanded powers, into the RCU is incredibly exciting.

Furthermore, Remedy has shown an eagerness to build complex stories with Sam Lake leading the creative team. The intertwined narratives showcased in the Alan Wake series and Control, along with the Final Draft’s new direction, strongly indicate that more surprises are in store. Fans are sure to aggressively theorize what could follow from this setup until explicitly revealed by Remedy.

Impact on the Community and New Players

The Final Draft’s complex narrative and intricate connections to other games in the RCU have invigorated existing fans. This added layer of depth motivates players to explore not only the Alan Wake 2 universe, but also other Remedy titles to hunt for clues and Easter eggs.

For newcomers to the RCU, the Final Draft provides an introduction to the rich, interconnected storylines defining Remedy’s games. The engaging narratives, rewarding gameplay, and promising future games within the RCU have a strong potential to attract new players and solidify the franchise’s dominance within the gaming industry.


Alan Wake 2’s Final Draft succeeds in weaving a captivating narrative web that spans across the RCU, leaving fans eager to experience what the future holds. Driven by fascinating characters, a complex meta-narrative, and the promise of interconnected storylines, the RCU’s future is primed to deliver gripping experiences and keep fans enthusiastically discussing upcoming developments in the Remedy Connected Universe.

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