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AfreecaTV Valorant League: An Overview

AfreecaTV Valorant League: An Overview

The highly anticipated AfreecaTV Valorant League is set to take place in Seoul, South Korea from 5th to 10th December. A total of eight teams from seven different countries will be battling it out for a share of the $80,000 USD prize pool at the Afreeca Colosseum. As a part of the VCT OFF//SEASON 2023 circuit, this tournament serves as a fantastic platform for teams to showcase their skills and test their lineups ahead of the Valorant Champions Tour 2024.

Participating Teams and Their Strengths

The AfreecaTV Valorant League features six teams that have received direct invites and two teams that emerged victorious from the regional qualifiers. Here’s a summary of the participating teams and their strengths:

  1. EDward Gaming (China) – Direct Invite
  • A strong team from China with impeccable team synergy and aggressive playstyle.
  • Key Player: Watch out for their top fragger and IGL who can pull off incredible clutch plays.
  1. Team Liquid (Netherlands) – Direct Invite
  • A well-rounded team from Europe, known for their strategic approach and strong executions.
  • Key Player: Keep an eye on their star duelist who can create space for the team and secure crucial rounds.
  1. Sentinels (United States) – Direct Invite
  • A powerhouse from NA with a great record in international events, boasting strong fragging capabilities.
  • Key Player: Their in-game leader is the one to watch, controlling the flow of the game and putting opponents on edge.
  1. DRX (South Korea) – Direct Invite
  • A team with exceptional aim and a deep understanding of the game, ready to showcase their skills in front of the home crowd.
  • Key Player: Watch their talented operator player, capable of landing crucial picks and turning the tide of the game.
  1. T1 (South Korea) – Direct Invite
  • Another strong South Korean team with impressive team cohesion and an unrivaled work ethic.
  • Key Player: Look out for their versatile controller, setting up crucial map control and creating advantages for the team.
  1. Paper Rex (Singapore) – Direct Invite
  • A team with a solid combination of firepower and strategy, looking to make an impact on the international stage.
  • Key Player: Their entry fragger is essential to the team’s success, playing with relentless aggression and opening up sites.
  1. FULL SENSE (Thailand) – Thailand Qualifier
  • The dark horse of the competition, this Thai team is out to prove they deserve their spot.
  • Key Player: Their IGL’s decision-making and ability to adapt on the fly make them a formidable opponent.
  1. Fancy United Esports (Vietnam) – Vietnam Qualifier
  • An underdog team with nothing to lose, focused on making the most of this opportunity.
  • Key Player: Their star controller will strive to create openings and ensure effective site executions.


Schedule and Format

The AfreecaTV Valorant League takes place across six days, divided into two stages:

  • Group Stage (5th to 8th December) – Teams compete in a round-robin format for a spot in the Playoffs.
  • **Playoffs (9th to 13th December) – The Top Four teams advance from the Group Stage and battle it out in a double-elimination bracket.**
  • Don’t miss out on this intense tournament, with matches starting 15:00 GMT +7 everyday!

Fancy United Esports is ready to prove everyone wrong and show that they can be a force to be reckoned with. Support them as they take on the competition and show us why they’re one of Vietnam’s top esports teams! Remember – no matter what happens, Fancy United Esports will always fight until the very end. In this tournament, Anything Can Happen.

Here are the AfreecaTV Valorant League: Teams

The tournament is scheduled to take place from 5th Dec, Thursday to 10th Dec, Sunday.

AfreecaTV Valorant League: Group Stage – 5th to 8th December

AfreecaTV Valorant League: Playoffs – 9th to 10th December

9th December | Playoffs – Semifinals

  • Semifinal 1 (TBD): 17:00 KST | 13:30 IST | 9:00 CEST | 12:00 PT
  • Semifinal 2 (TBD): 20:00 KST | 16:30 IST | 12:00 CEST | 3:00 PT

10th December | Playoffs – Grand Final

  • Grand Final (TBD): 17:00 KST | 13:30 IST | 9:00 CEST | 12:00 PT

AfreecaTV Valorant League: Format

Group Stage

  • The eight teams competing will be divided into two groups of four teams each.
  • Both groups will be following a double-elimination (GSL) format where all matches will feature best-of-three series.
  • The top two teams from both groups will advance to the Playoffs.


  • The four qualified teams will follow a single-elimination format.
  • The semifinals will feature a best-of-three series while the grand final will feature a best-of-five match.

AfreecaTV Valorant League: Prize Pool

The tournament features a total prize pool of $80,000 USD which will be divided between all eight competing teams according to their final standings.


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