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VCT 2024 Team Capsules Now Live in VALORANT!

Unveil Your Allegiance: VCT 2024 Team Capsules Now Live in VALORANT!

Riot Games is thrilled to announce the arrival of an exciting new chapter in the VALORANT universe—VCT Team Capsules are here, igniting the Esports Hub with the spirit of competition and fan passion. In a monumental update that fans have been eagerly awaiting, patch 8.03 ushers in the era of team capsules, a thrilling way for you to rally behind your favorite VCT partnered teams.

Celebrate the Heart of Competition

Months after revealing plans to introduce VCT Team Capsules, Riot Games fulfills its promise, crafting a bridge between fans and the pulsating heart of VALORANT Esports. With 44 stunning capsules representing teams from the VCT International Leagues, now is your chance to showcase your support and carry a piece of your favorite team into battle.

Inside Every Capsule—A World of Exclusivity

Each Team Capsule is a trove of uniquely crafted items, co-created with the teams to ensure authenticity and a deep connection with the fans. Every purchase includes:

  • Classic and AR Inspect skins, complete with unique firing audio and recolored muzzle flash, elevating your play with unmistakable style.
  • A custom Player Card, a collaboration between Riot and the teams, embodying the essence of each squad.
  • An exclusive Buddy and Spray set, perfect for showing off your team pride in every match.

At a cost of 2,340 VP, these capsules aren’t just in-game items; they’re a declaration of your fandom and a direct contribution to the teams you love, with 50% of the profits shared throughout the 2024 season.

VCT Americas Team Capsules
Image Credits: Riot Games

100 Theives VCT Team Capsule

Image Credits: Riot Games


Furia VCT Team Capsule
(Image Credits: Riot Games)
Cloud 9 VCT Team Capsule
(Image Credits: Riot Games)

G2 Esports VCT Team Capsule

(Image Credits: Riot Games)

Join the Celebration—Support Starts Now

The wait is over. Starting February 21, immerse yourself in the unity and excitement of VALORANT Esports by exploring the VCT Team Capsules. While initially available for VCT Americas, EMEA, and Pacific teams, anticipation builds for the VCT China Team Capsules, set to launch in May alongside the VCT Shanghai Masters.

Winning on the global stage has its perks, too. Riot Games celebrates champions with exclusive standalone storefront promotions, ensuring their prowess is recognized and rewarded.

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In the words of Leo Faria, Global Head of VALORANT Esports, “The VCT Team Capsules represent a leap forward in our ongoing commitment to foster a flourishing economic ecosystem for VALORANT Esports. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to building not only a sustainable model for esports but also creating unparalleled competitive experiences. Together with our partner teams, we’re excited to invite fans to directly support their favorites and express their passion in-game.”

Explore, Support, and Triumph Together

The launch of the VCT 2024 Team Capsules marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of VALORANT Esports—a celebration of competition, community, and the shared passion that fuels every victory.

Don’t just watch—be part of the action. Explore the VCT 2024 Team Capsules in VALORANT now and take your first step toward an electrifying new way to experience the game we love. Together, we’re more than fans; we’re a force

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