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Partnership Between Super Storm and Gen.G for the Launch of Storm Striker in North America

Partnership Between Super Storm and Gen.G for the Launch of Storm Striker in North America

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the partnership between South Korean game studio Super Storm and multinational esports organization Gen.G for the launch of Storm Striker in North America. The analysis includes an overview of both companies, their background, and past successes. Furthermore, the report discusses the potential benefits, challenges, and risks of the partnership, while offering recommendations for a successful launch.

Company Background

Super Storm

Super Storm is a South Korean game development company responsible for Storm Striker, a 5v5 game that combines first-person shooter (FPS), action, and MOBA elements. The game, which recently launched in early access, has gained attention for its unique gameplay and potential in the esports industry.


Gen.G, founded in 2017, is a renowned multinational esports organization known for its competitive success in South Korea. The organization holds a significant presence in the global esports education sector, with various partnerships and programs like the Gen.G Foundation scholarship. Gen.G competes in numerous game titles, including Overwatch, League of Legends, and VALORANT.

Partnership Details

The partnership between Super Storm and Gen.G aims to launch and promote Storm Striker in North America, focusing on community growth and engagement. Initiatives planned include content creation, live streams, English-speaking Discord community management, and a range of contests and events. Mutual feedback and collaboration have already taken place during the game’s development.

Potential Benefits

The partnership with Gen.G can offer significant advantages for Super Storm in launching Storm Striker in North America, including:

  1. Marketing Expertise: Gen.G’s reputation and marketing skills can provide the guidance and exposure Storm Striker needs to succeed in the esports market.
  2. Esports Connections: Leveraging Gen.G’s collegiate esports network can boost community growth and expand the player base.
  3. Brand Recognition: By collaborating with a prominent esports organization, Storm Striker might attract attention from competitive players and esports fans.
  4. Localized Content: Featuring streamers and influencers from North America can provide relatable content that resonates with the target audience.

Meanwhile, Gen.G can benefit from:

  1. New Potential Esports Title: Involvement in Storm Striker’s launch could open opportunities for Gen.G to expand its competitive portfolio.
  2. Content Variety: Partnering with a unique game like Storm Striker can generate diversified content for Gen.G’s audience.

Challenges and Risks

The partnership faces several challenges that must be addressed to ensure success, including:

  • Competition: The North American esports market is already saturated, posing a challenge for Storm Striker to gain a foothold.
  • Financials: Gen.G must carefully monitor costs associated with the partnership to ensure it is cost-effective.
  • Technology Requirements: The team will need to ensure that its existing technology can support Storm Striker’s systems, such as latency and browser compatibility.


Gen.G’s partnership with Storm Striker could open up new opportunities for both parties, but they must be mindful of the potential challenges involved. With proper planning and execution, this collaboration has the potential to bring success for both organizations. Thank you for considering this proposal!


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