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PalWorld Best Pals Tier List for 2024

PalWorld Best Pals Tier List for 2024

Welcome to the Palworld Best Pals Tier List for 2024! Our goal is to provide an in-depth ranking of each Pal introduced in the game so far, taking into account their performance in combat, adventure, exploration, and other game modes. The tier list considers factors such as rarity, growth potential, and viability in different scenarios, allowing players to find the perfect Pal for their individual gameplay style.

Tier List Categories:

  1. S-Tier: These Pals are at the top of their game, excelling in all aspects and providing the best overall performance in various game modes.
  2. A-Tier: Not quite at the S-Tier level, these Pals still offer exceptional abilities and can make a significant impact when utilized for the right task.
  3. B-Tier: These Pals are good all-rounders and show potential when placed in specific game modes or scenarios.
  4. C-Tier: Solid, but not outstanding, these Pals may not excel in a particular area, but can still contribute to a well-rounded team.
  5. D-Tier: Considered subpar compared to higher-tier Pals, they may still have niche uses for specific objectives or strategies.

Best Pals Tier List:

Note: This tier list is based on current meta and may change with future updates and balance changes.


  1. Alpha Mammorest (Grass)
  2. Lovander (Neutral)
  3. Chillet (Ice, Dragon)
  4. Vanwyrm (Dark, Fire)
  5. Woolipop (Neutral)


  1. Direhowl (Neutral, Fighting)
  2. Celaray (Electric, Flying)
  3. Daedream (Psychic, Ghost)
  4. Foxparks (Fire, Electric)
  5. Cattiva (Normal)


  1. Tanzee (Water, Grass)
  2. Lamball (Normal, Water)
  3. Chikipi (Grass, Flying)
  4. Killamari (Water, Poison)
  5. Lifmunk (Grass, Psychic)


  1. Beakon (Normal, Flying)
  2. Pengullet (Ice, Flying)
  3. Melpaca (Normal, Grass)
  4. Leezpunk (Dark, Electric)
  5. Reindrix (Electric, Ice)


  1. Hangyu (Water, Flying)
  2. Fenglope (Flying, Fighting)
  3. Caprity (Fighting, Psychic)
  4. Swee (Psychic, Flying)
  5. Robinquill (Normal, Flying)

Tier List Reasoning:

Starting from S-Tier Pals, Alpha Mammorest sets the bar with its perfect combination of resource gathering skills and combat prowess. Lovander’s versatility across various game modes makes it a go-to choice for all-round players. Chillet’s unique pairing of Ice and Dragon types, along with its agility, ranks it as one of the best both offensively and defensively.

In the A-Tier, the Pals are just one step away from reaching the top. Direhowl is a powerful combat Pal with dual-types, while Celaray provides electric prowess and easy mobility. Daedream excels in controlling the battlefield with its psychic abilities, while Highbreeze’s flying and fighting combination offers a wide range of attacks.

Moving on to B-Tier, we have some underdogs that shouldn’t be underestimated. Lope may seem like a simple flying Pal, but its quick movement and fighting skills make it a force to be reckoned with. Caprity’s dual types allow for strategic plays, while Swee’s psychic abilities are perfect for taking down tougher opponents. Robinquill may not be as versatile as other Pals in this tier, but its normal and flying attack combo is highly effective against many types.

In the C-Tier, we have some solid options for players looking for specific strengths in their team. Rhyzard’s fire and ground combination is great for dealing with ice and rock types, while Gleamle’s electric and flying attacks can pack a punch against water and flying Pals. And let’s not forget about Squawk, whose unique ghost and flying type make it difficult to predict in battles.

For those who prefer a more defensive playstyle, the D-Tier offers some sturdy options. Rocko’s ground typing makes it resistant to many attacks, while Flutterbat’s bug and flying combo can surprise opponents with its speed and power. And although Ramble may not have the strongest attacks, its steel typing provides high defense against physical moves.

Lastly, we have the E-Tier. These Pals may not be as strong as their higher tier counterparts, but they still have their own unique strengths. For example, Puffball’s fairy typing makes it immune to dragon type attacks, giving it an advantage against popular dragons like Dracolite and Wyrmwing. And while Nixie may not have the best stats overall, its water and psychic typing allow for a wide range of moves and strategies.

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