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Rockstar Games Reportedly Developing New Medieval Fantasy IP Alongside GTA 6

Rockstar Games Reportedly Developing New Medieval Fantasy IP Alongside GTA 6

A recent leak from @Budzcario suggests that Rockstar Games, the renowned developers behind Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Red Dead Redemption (RDR) franchises, may be working on a new intellectual property (IP) alongside the highly-anticipated GTA 6. This rumored IP could shift the company’s focus from their well-established modern settings to a medieval fantasy-like realm – potentially offering endless possibilities for captivating storylines, characters, and immersive gameplay.

A New Direction for Rockstar Games

The leaker, @Budzcario, has claimed that Rockstar is developing two new IPs – one being AGENT, an unreleased stealth game for the PlayStation 3 which was announced back in 2009 but has yet to make its debut. The other, more intriguing project suggests a potential medieval fantasy game that might have been in the works since the release of RDR2 in 2018.

The rumor stems from a trademark report filed by Rockstar’s publisher, Take-Two, in October of this year for “PROJECT ETHOS,” “PROPLAY,” and “AWESOME NEWS NETWORK.” Out of these, “PROJECT ETHOS” seems the most interesting as it hints at a new IP due to its listed goods and services.

If the rumors hold any truth, the new project could see Rockstar embracing swords, magic, and otherworldly powers while possibly incorporating gameplay elements similar to Elden Ring and Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series. This new direction would represent a significant departure from the developer’s traditional open-world, contemporary settings like those in GTA and RDR.

Project Speculations and Features

Not much is known about the main characters or specific settings for this rumored project, but the medieval fantasy genre opens up a world of possibilities. We could expect customizable protagonists, diverse factions, and a deep lore surrounding the in-game universe.

As Rockstar is known for its open-world designs and rich environments, we could also expect a sprawling landscape with interactive wildlife influenced by RDR2’s ecosystem.

It’s also been suggested that the new IP has been supported by a “hugely popular developer” since the beginning of its development. It should be noted, however, that the trademarks filed by Take-Two may not be exclusively for Rockstar and could be for other developers under their wing, such as 2K, Firaxis Games, Blue Shift Inc., or Visual Concepts.

The Impact of a Rockstar Medieval Fantasy Game

Considering Rockstar’s reputation for delivering groundbreaking games, the potential new medieval fantasy IP could have a significant impact on the gaming industry. Taking a step away from their modern settings could demonstrate Rockstar’s versatility as a developer and provide an opportunity to expand their fan base.

Diving into the medieval fantasy genre, already filled with popular titles, would be a bold move for Rockstar Games. By doing so, they could further establish themselves as industry pioneers, pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling and open-world gaming.

However, it is important to remember that these are merely speculations and neither Rockstar nor Take-Two have made any official announcements regarding this rumored project. As always, take these leaks and rumors with a grain of salt until official confirmation arises.

 But one thing is for certain, with Rockstar’s track record of success and innovation, any new project they tackle will be highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

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