PUBG Mobile Esports Ecosystem Revamp in 2024: An In-Depth Analysis

PUBG Mobile Esports Ecosystem Revamp in 2024: An In-Depth Analysis

In 2024, the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem is set to undergo significant changes. The game’s esports team announced on X (formerly Twitter) that the PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues (PMPLs) will be replaced by the PUBG Mobile Super Leagues (PMSL). The PMSL will pivot to offline, LAN-based tournaments, leading to major implications for the fanbase, players, and stakeholders.

Impact on Fanbase, Players, and Stakeholders

The transition from PMPLs to PMSLs will lead to several key changes for PUBG Mobile esports. PMSL was initially launched exclusively in the SEA region as a semi-franchised league, with 15 slots for partnered teams and five slots awarded to teams through open qualifiers. Tencent tested this format and has now decided to implement it across all regions.

Fans: The switch to PMSL and offline LAN events will allow fans to enjoy more in-person experiences throughout the year. This change allows for enhanced engagement and a more immersive experience for spectators.

Players: The new format will give aspiring pro players a chance to participate in the events through open qualifiers. This shift offers players more stability and competitive integrity within the esports ecosystem.

Stakeholders: Tencent aims to provide additional content and ensure stability for teams in the ecosystem through this transformation, benefiting partnered teams, tournament organizers, and sponsors.

New Format for Tournaments

The PMSL opens up the possibility of copying the major PMPL Championship regions, namely the MEA, Americas, Europe, and South Asia. This transition to offline events promises more competitive play, as players will compete on an even playing field with identical settings and no latency issues.

Broadcast Technology Innovation

With the change to offline LAN events, there will likely be advancements in broadcast technology. The esports events can integrate on-site augmented reality, instant replay systems, and improved camera angles to give fans an enhanced viewing experience. These innovations will allow for more interactive and visually appealing broadcasts.

Revised Prize Pool

The PMSL format’s adoption on a global scale may lead to a revamped prize pool, potentially increasing overall prize money. This increase can result in more significant and diverse opportunities for teams and players to compete for financial rewards, elevating the stakes and encouraging more teams to join the competitive scene.

Risks, Challenges, and Benefits

PUBG Mobile esports’ decision to make these changes in 2024 is not without potential risks and challenges. Some of these concerns include:

  1. Logistics: Coordinating offline LAN events across multiple regions requires meticulous planning and a robust operational framework to ensure smooth execution.
  2. Travel and Visa issues: With offline events, there is a likelihood of travel and visa challenges for teams and players in different countries. This concern could limit participation in certain instances.
  3. Health and safety: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced many esports events to transition online. Future health and safety concerns could impact the viability of in-person LAN events.

Conversely, the decision to make these changes offers numerous benefits:

  • Improved competitive integrity: Offline LAN events reduce latency issues and provide identical settings to all players, ensuring a level playing field.
  • Fan engagement: In-person events create a more immersive experience for fans, leading to increased event attendance and revenue.
  • Increased investment: LAN events offer more opportunities for sponsorships, resulting in increased investment from companies.


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