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How to Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite Guide

How to Grow Crops in Lego Fortnite? 

As a seasoned agriculturist in the post-catastrophic world of LEGO Fortnite, it’s time to develop a strategic plan for growing and sustaining crops in this challenging environment. By selecting suitable plants, establishing an efficient planting and harvesting process, and providing adequate protection, you can boost your in-game food supply and chances of survival.

Step 1: Identifying Suitable Crops for the Environment

Taking into account the LEGO Fortnite environment, it’s crucial to choose crops that can grow and thrive in various biomes. Some versatile plants include:

  1. Snowberries: Known for their hardiness, Snowberries can grow in Frostland, Dry Valley, and Grassland biomes. They offer crucial nutrients and adapt well to different climates.
  2. LEGO-Wheat: An important grain for creating bread and other food items, LEGO-Wheat thrives in the Grassland biome but can also grow in Dry Valley and Frostland with proper care.
  3. Desert-DewLeaf: Suited to the Dry Valley biome, Desert-DewLeaf is an excellent water source in arid regions and can also grow in Grassland and Frostland environments.

Step 2: Planting and Harvesting Process

Planting Process:

  1. Prepare soil plots: Collect fertilizer from nearby animals and gather soil by digging with a shovel. Combine two soil and one fertilizer to create a soil plot, found in the build menu under the village category.
  2. Acquire seeds: Find seeds in chests or produce them by putting crops through the grain mill.
  3. Plant seeds: Place the desired seed into the empty slot of a soil plot. No additional watering or weeding is necessary.

Harvesting Process:

  1. Monitor growth: Pay close attention to the light cycle, temperature, and other environmental factors that affect crop growth.
  2. Determine ripeness: Harvest your crops once they reach full maturity. Be careful not to harvest too early or too late.
  3. Gather crops: Collect the fully-grown crops and store them for consumption or future planting.

Step 3: Crop Protection and Maintenance

  1. Pest Control: Keep a close eye on your plants, and employ natural pest repellents or in-game tools to prevent unwanted infestations.
  2. Weather Protection: Construct shelters around your crops to protect them from extreme temperature fluctuations and other weather-related hazards.
  3. Villager Assistance: Enlist the help of villagers to tend to your gardens. Talk to them about jobs and select ‘tend the garden’ as their task.

By following these guidelines, you can successfully grow crops in LEGO Fortnite, ensuring a steady food supply to help you and your fellow players survive against the odds.

So next time you’re out scavenging for resources, don’t forget to stop and take care of your crops – they just might save your life in the end!


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