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League of Legends Patch Notes: Patch 13.24 Rundown

League of Legends Patch Notes: Patch 13.24 Rundown

As Season 13 comes to a close, we’re excited to bring you a comprehensive rundown of the new champion, major changes, and balance updates in Patch 13.24. This patch is set to go live on Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

New Champion: Hwei, the Visionary

The highly anticipated mid-lane mage, Hwei, joins the rift as the 166th champion of League of Legends. With an astonishing 10 abilities, Hwei demonstrates a new level of innovation pushing the boundaries of gameplay in Summoner’s Rift. Be sure to check out the full rundown of Hwei’s abilities here.

Key Buffs & Nerfs

Briar Nerfs

Following her release on September 27, the Restrained Hunger, Briar, will be receiving further balance adjustments. RiotPhroxzon mentioned the focus of Briar’s changes as:

“Trying to narrow the gap between her overperforming Lethality builds and the worse performing Bruiser builds by converting some spells to magic damage.”

K’Sante & Vel’koz Adjustments

K’Sante will get a slight nudge after multiple nerfs in Patch 13.23. Vel’koz receives notable bug fixes to polish his gameplay experience.

Season 14: Item Changes

Patch 13.24 heralds significant changes to items as we look forward to Season 14. Mythic items have been removed entirely, and Stopwatch has also been taken out of the game. Here’s what Riot Endstep said in a recent update:

“Since mythic items were added to League, we’ve been unhappy with how items ended up being a larger percentage of the overall power budget than desired and overrode champion kits to an extreme degree. We’re looking to go back on this to allow the core gameplay of League to revolve around fulfilling champion fantasies.”


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New Winterblessed Skins

Celebrate the end of Season 13 with the beautiful Winterblessed skin line! Here’s a complete list of the new skins in Patch 13.24:

  • Winterblessed Annie
  • Crystalis Motus Ashe
  • Winterblessed Camille
  • Prestige Winterblessed Camille
  • Winterblessed Hecarim
  • Winterblessed Hwei
  • Winterblessed Lucian
  • Winterblessed Senna
  • Winterblessed Sylas
  • Winterblessed Thresh

Get ready for an epic conclusion to Season 13 with the arrival of Hwei and the exciting changes coming to Summoner’s Rift. Best of luck in your final games of the season, and as always, see you on the Rift!

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