League of Legends (LoL) Patch 13.24: Riot’s Grand Finale for 2023

League of Legends (LoL) Patch 13.24: Riot’s Grand Finale for 2023

Riot Games is ending 2023 with a massive update to League of Legends in Patch 13.24. This bumper-sized patch includes a plethora of new content, gameplay changes, and the much-awaited release of the 166th champion, Hwei. Prepare for some downtime as this colossal update rolls out on December 6th, starting in Oceania at 10am AEDT and hitting major League servers throughout the day. Trust us when we say, this update is worth the wait!

Check out the highlights of what’s coming in Patch 13.24:

New Champion: Hwei, the Artillery Mage

Hwei, the long-awaited artillery mage, will hit the rift in December. This unique champion will be the first to have more than 10 different abilities, shaking up the roster hierarchy and adding a new layer of strategic play to your League of Legends games.

Winterblessed Skins: Early Christmas Treats

Get ready for nine new Winterblessed skins! Continuing the annual tradition of celebrating Christmas in style, these festive skins will surely make Summoner’s Rift a winter wonderland.

Gameplay Updates: Champion and Item Changes

Over a dozen champions, including Briar, Zeri, and K’Sante, are getting buffs and nerfs in this patch. Additionally, more than two dozen items, including every Mythic item, will be removed and replaced with new ones. This major item overhaul will significantly reshape in-game item choices and strategies.

Map and Runes Updates

Substantial changes are coming to the map, along with updates to must-pick runes, adding a new dimension to gameplay and encouraging players to adapt their playstyle.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

As with any patch, there will be bug fixes and optimizations to ensure a smooth gameplay experience for players.

Stay tuned for the complete LoL Patch 13.24 notes in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, Riot is taking 2023 out with a bang, and LoL Patch 13.24 is shaping up to be an epic finale. Mark December 6th on your calendars and get ready to experience the most exciting update of the year!

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