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NA Champions Queue Returns to League in December with Duo Queue

NA Champions Queue Returns to League in December with Duo Queue

League of Legends: The long-awaited NA Champions Queue is set to make its triumphant return to League of Legends in December, introducing duo queue and giving players an opportunity to train more effectively ahead of the 2024 season launch.

League of Legends Pre-Season Update

Riot Games has announced that the NA Champions Queue will officially be introduced to live servers in January 2024, briefly opening during the preseason. This decision has received criticism from players who worry that the late introduction will limit their ability to discover meta changes before the new season begins.

In response to these concerns and to support the pros’ practice needs, the LCS tweeted that they will be “patching the Pre-Season on Tournament Realms and turning on Champions Queue in December.” The LCS Players Association added that duo queue will also be joining the dedicated server when it opens, providing more opportunities for players to practice with teammates from their new 2024 roster.

The Impact of Duo Queue on Meta and Rankings

The inclusion of duo queue in the Champions Queue is expected to shake up the game’s meta and the rankings of players. By allowing players to team up with a reliable partner, they’ll have more opportunities to experiment with new strategies and tactics while developing stronger synergy and communication.

Many esports analysts predict improved coordination and adaptability for teams who thoroughly utilize duo queue. However, the exact impact of duo queue on the meta will only truly reveal itself as the Champions Queue unfolds.

Players’ and Experts’ Perspectives

Several professional players have expressed their excitement for the return of Champions Queue and the addition of duo queue. They believe it offers valuable opportunities to practice in a more competitive environment during the brief time windows it’s open.

Experts argue that now is the perfect time for players to work on their weaknesses, review their previous performances, and experiment with new skill sets. They expect the Champions Queue to foster rapid growth and improvement for participating players.

Tips & Tricks for the New Season

To better prepare for the upcoming NA Champions Queue and 2024 season, here are some valuable tips and tricks for players:

  1. Identify your weaknesses: Review your previous games and pinpoint areas where you need improvement. Dedicate time to work on those issues specifically.
  2. Build synergy with a duo partner: Establish communication and understanding with a reliable duo partner to maximize your potential in the duo queue.
  3. Experiment with new strategies: The preseason is a great time to try out new champion combinations or tactics without the pressure of ranked games. Test the waters and find what works best for you.
  4. Learn from the Pros: Follow your favorite professional players and keep a close eye on their streams and matches; learn from their approach to the game and emulate their gameplay.
  5. Stay updated on meta changes: Regularly check patch notes, esports news, and popular discussion forums for insight on the continuously evolving meta.

The return of the NA Champions Queue offers a fantastic opportunity for players to hone their skills, solidify their position on the ladder, and prepare for the challenges of the new season. Remember to keep an open mind, embrace innovation, and be willing to adapt as the League of Legends meta continues to evolve.

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