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League of Legends Patch 13.23: Winners, Losers, and Meta Shifts

League of Legends Patch 13.23: Winners, Losers, and Meta Shifts

League of Legends’ Patch 13.23 is out, and it has introduced significant changes to the game. A total of 11 champions have been tweaked, and numerous items and runes have been adjusted. In this article, we’ll analyze the biggest winners and losers of this patch, their influence on the meta, and their potential impact on the game’s future.

The Winners———————————————————————————————————————

Trundle: Troll King Rises

The LoL balance team buffed Toplane Trundle’s AD Growth/Level and decreased his Q’s Mana Cost from 30 to 20 as expressed in Riot Phroxzon’s teaser for Patch 13.23. The changes proved fruitful, as Trundle now boasts a 52% win rate in the toplane, and his jungle win rate has increased as well (according to Lolalytics). Trundle thrives against tanks, cleaving through them with ease thanks to his boosted trading potential and better scaling.

Janna: Storm’s Fury Unleashed

Janna received a mini-rework in Patch 13.22, shifting her from an Enchanter role to a poke-heavy support. Patch 13.23 further polished her by buffing her passive bonus Movement Speed scaling to a flat 30%, and decreasing the CD of Zephyr (her core ability) and her ultimate. The changes sent Janna’s win rate soaring to a healthy 52%. As players acclimate to her poke and roam support playstyle, Riot may introduce future nerfs – but for now, she’s a powerful ally in dealing damage in-lane.

Riven: Edge of Exile Shining Bright

Riven received a buff on her Q’s AD scaling and an increase in her ultimate’s bonus AD. These changes enhanced her dueling capability in the toplane, with her win rate seeing a 1% increase in top lane and a 2% rise in mid lane. The high skill ceiling of Riven makes her difficult to master; however, the buffs granted to her abilities make her a significantly better duelist in the current meta.

The Losers——————————————————————————————————————–

K’Sante: Fallen Pride

K’Sante experienced a roller coaster of changes, and Patch 13.23 seems to have hit him hard. Riot increased his Q’s mana cost, decreased the ability’s scaling, moved some scaling on his E, and reduced his Passive Damage bonus and bonus AD in All Out. These changes dismantled K’Sante’s already weak early laning and cut down his strength in later phases of the game.

Meta Shifts

While Patch 13.23 has not entirely revolutionized the meta, it has shaken up specific champion dynamics. With Trundle and Janna gaining prominence, the toplane and support meta now require new strategies to counter their updated playstyles.

The patch has also indirectly emphasized the importance of resource management in the early game, as champions like K’Sante struggle with a weak early phase and limited mana availability. Players will need to adapt by prioritizing effective rune choices and item builds that synergize with their champions.

Future Impact——————————————————————————————————————-

The changes in Patch 13.23 will likely refine further as Riot monitors champion win rates and subsequent balance adjustments. Champions with a high skill ceiling, like Riven, may undergo additional changes in the future as players harness their full potential.

Indeed, top players and  professionals alike will need to stay on top of the latest updates in order to keep a competitive edge. Even if you’re a lower-level player, though, it pays to stay informed and make adjustments as needed – after all, adapting quickly can be part of your growth as an esports gamer!

In conclusion, Patch 13.23 has brought with it numerous changes to League of Legends that have already had an impact on the meta. While the results of these changes are still unfolding, we can expect them to remain prevalent for some time yet. Stay tuned for further developments and news from esportport!

Consequently, players should familiarize themselves with effective strategies related to champion selection and item builds that best suit their

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