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KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator Ignites Innovation!

Unleashing Dreams: KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator Ignites Innovation!

In the dynamic world of game development, two visionary startups have risen, ready to redefine the boundaries of immersive gaming. KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator, our trailblazing initiative, is thrilled to introduce the inaugural cohort of the KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI) program. From over two hundred audacious applications across the breathtaking landscapes of India, we’ve handpicked two standout stars: ReDimmension Games and Shura Games. These pioneers are setting the stage for an extraordinary gaming future, and we’re here to fuel their flight!

Sparking Innovation with Support and Spirit!

At KRAFTON, we’re not just investing; we’re wholeheartedly believing in and boosting the dreams of game developers. Our one-of-a-kind incubator program, launched with grandeur in October 2023, is all about mentoring, molding, and magnifying the potential of aspiring game artisans over a nurturing span of 6-12 months. With grants soaring up to $150,000, we’re setting a gold standard for empowering India’s brightest minds to craft game worlds that dazzle and delight, diversifying the gaming scene with unrivaled creativity.

Meet the Game Changers!

ReDimmension Games: Emerging from the vibrant vistas of Nagaland, ReDimmension Games, under the visionary leadership of CEO Pekrukhrietuo Pienyu, is crafting “Sojourn Past”—an action-packed, adventure-laden masterpiece destined for PC and console glory in 2024. Picture this: an enthralling narrative, exploration that captivates your soul, and a beautifully pixelated world that sings tales of epic quests—all harmonized with emotive melodies that tug at your heartstrings.

Shura Games: From the buzzing tech hub of Bangalore, Shura Games, guided by the ingenious mind of CEO Shubham Bengale, introduces “Spice Secrets”—a mobile gaming marvel that blends the zest of culinary adventures with the thrill of puzzle-solving. It’s more than a game; it’s a celebration of flavors, cultures, and challenges that beckon a broad audience to indulge in its rich, interactive tapestry.

Cultivating Excellence Through Expert Ecosystem!

The KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator is more than a launchpad; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem where dreams are nurtured, skills are honed, and success stories are written. Our personalized development approach envelops each startup in mentorship from sagacious industry experts, regular workshops that spark genius, and feedback sessions that mold masterpieces. Technical support? Consider it your trusted ally, ensuring that every innovation shines brilliantly.

And the support doesn’t end there. Post-incubation, we’re steadfast in our commitment to elevate these startups to become enduring luminaries in India’s gaming firmament.

Image credit: KIGI

Join Us on This Riveting Journey!

We stand at the precipice of gaming greatness, where imagination meets innovation, and dreams transcend into digital delights. ReDimmension Games and Shura Games are not just creating games; they are pioneering pathways to enchanting experiences that unite and uplift.

Stay tuned, for this is just the beginning. The KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator is on a mission to kindle the fires of creativity, weave together the tapestry of India’s gaming future, and invite every visionary to dare, dream, and dominate.

Ready to play a part in this groundbreaking adventure? The game has just begun, and together, we’re setting the stage for a world where every play is a discovery, every challenge a chance to conquer!

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