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Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 – The Ultimate Pull Calculation Guide

Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 – The Ultimate Pull Calculation Guide

Prepare to be thrilled, Honkai: Star Rail enthusiasts! The much-anticipated 2.1 patch is set to launch on March 27, and it’s packed with more excitement than you can imagine. Whether you’re cruising through space as a free-to-play commander or a dedicated light spender, we have the ultimate pull calculation guide designed just for you. Get ready to unravel the secrets of the Stellar Jades and maximize your gaming experience!

Free-to-Play Players, Rejoice!

For our dedicated free-to-play players, Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 brings an avalanche of opportunities, allowing you to accumulate over 110 pulls! Here is a comprehensive breakdown of all the Stellar Jade sources you’ll find in the patch:

  • Daily Training & Special Events: Brace yourselves for a daily dose of adventure, yielding up to 2,520 Stellar Jades over 42 days, alongside heart-pounding events like Cosmodyssey and Vignettes in a Cup that offer a combined total of 2,200 Stellar Jades!
  • Anniversary Gifts & Festivities: Mark your calendars for April 26th! A generous gift of 1,600 Stellar Jades awaits, not to mention the festive gifts and shop resets that are sure to keep your spirits high.
  • Weekly Challenges & New Frontiers: Take on the Weekly Simulated Universe and explore new areas for a treasure trove of Stellar Jades amounting to 2,750 jades.

Light Spenders, We Haven’t Forgotten You

For those who cherish their monthly and battle pass memberships, we’ve got even sweeter deals that push your pulls close to 150! With options such as the Express Supply Pass and Nameless Glory, you’re looking at an impressive haul:

  • Exclusive Memberships: The Express Supply Pass alone can net you an additional 3,780 Stellar Jades over 42 days, coupled with the Nameless Glory for an exclusive boost.
  • VIP Benefits: The total tally for our subscribers including the Free-to-Play perks catapults you to nearly 148 pulls.

Engage, Collect, Conquer

Whether you’re charting galaxies as a gallant free spirit or a privileged explorer, Honkai: Star Rail 2.1 is designed to enrich your voyage. With meticulously calculated resources, including 30 Special Star Rail Passes and an incredible cache of up to 13,760 Stellar Jades for free players, your destiny awaits among the stars.

And remember, Commanders, these numbers are based on the latest data – your adventure may become even more rewarding as the universe of Honkai: Star Rail expands!

Stay tuned, revel in the anticipation, and get ready to dive into a realm of endless possibilities and thrilling discoveries. The cosmos is your playground, and each pull brings you closer to unrivaling power and uncharted territories.

Experience the pinnacle of gaming with Honkai: Star Rail 2.1, where every player is a pioneer, every moment is epic, and every pull counts. Your ultimate adventure among the stars awaits – are you ready to take the leap?

Note: The numbers mentioned are derived from official sources and anticipated content; actual outcomes may vary.

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