Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Quest Guide

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Quest Guide

Welcome, Fortnite players! In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the quest system of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, providing you with precious tips and tricks on unlocking and completing these quests for maximum XP gains and Battle Pass rewards. So gear up, and let’s dive right in!

Chapter 5 Quest System Explained

In Fortnite Chapter 5, players have access to a range of quest types including Kickstart, Match, Weekly, Milestone, and Event quests. Each type comes with unique objectives, rewards, and challenges. Access these quests in the main menu or the pause menu, track your progress, and complete them for substantial XP gains across the entire Fortnite season to unlock amazing rewards.

Kickstart Quests

Designed to familiarize players with new locations and features in Chapter 5, the Kickstart quests are perfect for getting acquainted with the new season. These quests include:

  • Deal damage to enemy players (1,500)
  • Get on board the Train (1)
  • Search a Fortnite Weapon Case (1)
  • Use a Shield Potion and Medkit (2)
  • Hurdle at different named locations (3)
  • Travel distance in a Whiplash (1,000)
  • Assist in collecting a Society Medallion (1)
  • Visit fishing spots (3)
  • Apply a Fortnite Weapon Mod at a Mod Bench (1)
  • Complete Match Quests (5)
Match Quests

Replacing the old Daily quests, Match quests now allow players to choose one of the three offered quests at the start of each match. With a 15K XP bonus for each of the first three Match quests completed in a 24-hour cycle, these present a great means to level up.

Weekly Quests

Fortnite Weekly quests are back in the original format and will last until the end of the season instead of expiring. Complete all six assignments for each week as soon as they become available, without bonus trials. Check out the challenges for Weeks 1-4 in the “additional info” section of the context.

Week 1

  • Collect uncommon weapons (10)
  • Eliminate enemy players using weapons with iron sights (15)
  • Thank the bus driver (5)
  • Visit all named locations (11)
  • Gain shields (2,000)
  • Complete a Train Heist and Claim the floating island Capture Point (2)

Week 2

  • Reach top 50 players remaining (1)
  • Hit opponents with Cluster Clingers (10)
  • Search a container in different matches (5)
  • Collect ammo at named locations (3,000)
  • Reload weapons (100)
  • Deal damage to opponents while on the Train (500)

Week 3

  • Travel distance while on the Train (500)
  • Restore health (200)
  • Help defeat bosses (3)
  • Help search Cash Registers or Safes (5)
  • Deal damage with assault rifles (5,000)
  • Deal damage to opponents while using a Ballistic Shield (200)

Week 4

  • Visit different train stations (5)
  • Eliminate enemy players while you are airborne (3)
  • Deal damage to enemy players while standing on buildings (500)
  • Destroy structures or objects (100)
  • Collect weapons dropped from opponents in different named locations (5)
  • Land on the train and eliminate an enemy player before you disembark (1)

Week 5

  • Deal damage to enemy players within 3 seconds of sprinting (100)
  • Collect Rare or better weapons at a Hot Spot (7)
  • Collect food (10)
  • Find and collect an Epic or better item before dealing damage (1)
  • Acquire and equip a fully modified weapon in different matches (3)
  • Hit a single enemy player with three different weapons (3)
Milestone Quests

Reverting to the original format with 20 stages, Milestone quests offer ongoing tasks and a 5K XP reward for every stage completed.

Event Quests

Throughout the season, players can access an array of Event quests related to game modes like Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival. Participate in individual modes to see the specific quests offered.

  • Acquire Accolades (50 > 1,000)
  • Activate Fortnite Augments (Coming Soon!) (15 > 300)
  • Collect Bars (500 > 10,000)
  • Complete Match Quests (6 > 120)
  • Damage Opponents (5,000 > 100,000)
  • Eliminate Enemy Players (25 > 500)
  • Outlast Players (500 > 10,000)
  • Survive Storm Circles (25 > 500)
  • Thank the Bus Driver (10 > 200)
  • Travel Distance (10,000 > 200,000)
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Battle Pass & Exclusive Rewards

Completing quests not only earns XP but also contributes to progressing through the Battle Pass, unlocking exclusive rewards. Ranked quests and Survivor quests offer cosmetic awards, while some exceptional awards are available for surviving Storm Circles.

Tips & Tricks for Completing Quests
  • Prioritize quests that align with your playstyle, allowing you to complete multiple quests without significant disruptions.
  • Be strategic as you plan locations to visit, aiming to accomplish several quests at once while ensuring safety.
  • Stay updated on changes in the quest system throughout the season, and always make sure to check in on event-specific quests for bonus rewards.
  • Don’t hesitate to team up with friends, as some quests require collaboration to complete.

With this expert information and these handy tips, you’re now equipped to conquer the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 quests and secure that Battle Pass progression. Happy questing!

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