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Unlock the High Society Glider in Fortnite: Tips and Tricks to Dominate

Unlock the High Society Glider in Fortnite: Tips and Tricks to Dominate

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 brought numerous additions, and among the most exciting new content is the stylish High Society Glider. In this article, we’ll help you learn how to get this sought-after glider for free and provide tips on how to make the best use of it in your gameplay.

How to Obtain the High Society Glider

To acquire the High Society Glider, you’ll need to rack up 75 points in Fortnite’s Ranked Cup, which runs from January 11th through January 14th. Players of any rank can participate in solo, duo, or squad games in both Battle Royale and Zero Build modes to be eligible for the reward.

To earn points, focus on the following factors:

  • Your Placement: Points range from 3 (eliminated immediately) to 67 (Victory Royale).
  • Number of Eliminations: You’ll receive 2 points per kill.
  • Forecast Towers Secured: Get 3 points for each tower.
  • Loot Island Captured: Earn a whopping 15 points.

Additionally, ensure your account is at least level 15, has Two-factor authentication enabled, and that you’re above the age of 13 to participate in the Ranked Cup.

High Society Glider Features and Comparison

The High Society Glider boasts a sleek design and stands out from previous gliders, like the Skyblade and Time Brella, by offering color customization. As you climb through the ranks, you unlock more color options – reach Diamond to access 5 colors, or go all the way to Unreal for all 8 spectacular shades!

Consider how the High Society Glider compares to other similar gliders in terms of design, materials, and customization options. It does stand out for its high-class essence and offers players the flexibility to match their favorite character’s outfit.

Compatibility with Different Characters

The High Society Glider fits in perfectly with many standard and crossover Fortnite characters like Agent Jones, Lexa, Schwarzenegger’s T-800 from the Terminator, and even Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey from Bad Boys. It’s not just limited to these characters, as its customizable colors enable the glider to seamlessly match any skin you equip.

Using the High Society Glider to Your Advantage

To fully maximize the potential of the High Society Glider, here are some strategic tips:

  1. Team Coordination: When playing in duos or squads, consider matching glider colors to increase team visibility and coordination. Creating a recognizable color theme among teammates helps avoid confusion during fast-paced battles.
  2. Stealth and Ambush: Utilize the High Society Glider during stormy weather, as its dark color options blend well with the darkened skies, making it harder for opponents to spot you as you glide into battle.
  3. Intimidation Tactic: Use the glider as a sign of your ranked prowess. Flaunting a custom color during your descent is likely to keep potential opponents at bay as they recognize your status as a strong players.

With these tips under your belt, you’ll be ready to unlock the High Society Glider and use it to show off your style, integrate it into your gameplay strategy, and dominate in Fortnite. Good luck, and may the Royale be with you!

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