Esports World Cup Foundation launches support program for esports organizations

Esports World Cup Foundation launches support program for esports organizations

The Esports World Cup Foundation is offering a program called the EWC Club Program to support esports teams and organizations. This initiative aims to promote sustainability for multidisciplinary esports clubs, allowing them to expand their teams and establish new rosters.

Interested teams can apply by filling out an application before the February 15th deadline. Out of a total of 28 esports organizations worldwide, only 22 will receive direct invitations, leaving just six slots open for applicants.

To be considered, organizations should have a proven track record and long-term strategy in the esports industry, as well as the ability to build teams in one or more esports titles.

Accepted organizations into the program will be eligible for an annual six-figure payout, offering a significant financial incentive, especially during the current esports winter. The specific criteria for this incentive have yet to be announced.

The Esports World Cup Foundation is a Saudi Arabian government-founded non-profit organization aiming to create a top-tier multi-title esports event. One of the titles included in the EWC is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The application requires teams to provide information about their fanbase, follower counts on social media, games they compete in, ambitions, and potential new titles.

The program’s goal is to provide teams with the funding needed to create multiple rosters for the Esports World Cup. However, being part of the program does not guarantee a spot in the World Cup.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation, said, “The EWC Club Program allows clubs to establish a sustainable pipeline for the growth of their existing teams and additional programs. Our aim is to help the clubs we collaborate with increase their brand visibility, compete at a world-class level, and elevate esports as a global sport. Empowering the success and growth of esports teams and players is crucial in building the future of esports.”

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