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Exciting Updates in Defense Derby: Introducing Florea and Divine Blessing Season

Exciting Updates in Defense Derby: Introducing Florea and Divine Blessing Season

Get ready for the latest update in Defense Derby by RisingWings! This February update brings thrilling additions to the popular PvP tower defense mobile game.

Introducing Florea – the Magical Defender
Say hello to Florea, the newest addition to the spirit faction. This magic-type unit not only defeats monsters but also heals your castle with each victory. With her unique ability, Sacrifice, you can replenish a significant amount of castle HP when you sell her. Don’t miss out on acquiring Florea through various methods such as the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack.

Test Florea’s Powers in the Derby Brawl
Put Florea’s abilities to the test in the Derby Brawl – Florea Mirror Match! Join the event and play until February 13 for a chance to earn exciting rewards.

Meet Celestial Prayer – A Powerful Ally
On February 14, get ready for the arrival of Celestial Prayer, a new magic-type unit from the human faction. With her special ability, Divine Grace, she enhances the stats of nearby allies and boosts type synergy for adjacent units. You can experience her strength in the Derby Brawl – Celestial Prayer Mirror Match from February 14 to February 28.

Special Events for Extra Rewards
Don’t miss out on the special events happening in Defense Derby! Participate in the Hot Time Event on February 10 to score big with Gems and Crystals based on your Derby Mode rankings. Additionally, from February 14 to February 28, join the Valentine’s Event to complete missions, collect Sweet Hearts, and exchange them for amazing rewards like Legendary Unit summon tickets, the Dolce Amore Chocolate Shop Castle Skin, Gems, Crystals, Elixir, and Gold.

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