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Defense Derby December Update: Moon Night and Fiery Imp Units Unveiled

Defense Derby December Update: Moon Night and Fiery Imp Units Unveiled

KRAFTON’s independent studio RisingWings has once again upped their game with the latest Defense Derby December update, packed full of new content including the addition of Moon Night and Fiery Imp units. Let’s dive into what these new units bring to the table, how to unlock them, and tips on using them effectively.

A Closer Look at Moon Night

Moon Night is a new physical-type unit belonging to the spirit faction. This unit features unique short-range serial attacks and the ‘Shadow Attack’ ability that enhances its power with each successive strike. However, this enhancement resets after every wave.

But fret not, Moon Night truly shines when paired with units that can block movement and extend wave duration. To acquire Moon Night, players can keep an eye out for various in-game methods, such as the updated Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack.

Players can also jump in on the special event, Derby Brawl – Moon Night Mirror Match until December 14, where everyone starts the match with an identical deck featuring Moon Night.


Fiery Imp on the Horizon

Coming December 15, players can look forward to the fiery arrival of Fiery Imp, a new magic-type spirit faction unit. This ranged debuff unit specializes in reducing monsters’ damage to the castle.

To get the most out of Fiery Imp, be sure to participate in the Derby Brawl – Fiery Imp Mirror Match event from December 15 to December 28, featuring decks with the new Firey Imp unit.

More than Just Moon Night and Fiery Imp

This December update goes above and beyond with the introduction of a brand-new skin system and seasonal events. The skin button on each hero and unit screen, launched on December 14, allows players to customize their units’ appearances.

Adding to the holiday festivities, a Christmas event will run from December 14 to December 31, offering various activities and rewards, including a must-have Christmas Castle Skin.

Last but not least, the PvE feature Hero’s Journey introduced on November 2nd rewards players with Gold of Glory which can then be exchanged for units in the Shop of Glory.

Tips and Tricks: Getting the Most out of Moon Night and Fiery Imp

With Moon Night, position your units that can immobilize or slow down enemy waves to extend the wave duration, allowing Moon Night to maximize its ‘Shadow Attack’ ability for increased damage.

For Fiery Imp, focus on unit placement to maximize its damage reducing debuff effect on monsters, taking advantage of extended range abilities to keep your castle protected.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Defense Derby December Update is packed with exciting new units and features. RisingWings continues to improve upon the game, providing seasoned players and newcomers alike with fresh content and an engaging experience. Be sure to give Moon Night and Fiery Imp a try, and don’t miss out on the various seasonal events and rewards throughout the month of December!

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