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CGN Esports and Razer announce strategic partnership for esports players

CGN Esports and Razer announce strategic partnership for esports players

German esports organisation CGN Esports has teamed up with global computer peripherals and hardware brand Razer in a game-changing partnership.

Cologne-based esports company CGN Esports has announced an exciting new partnership with global technology powerhouse Razer. Founded in 2020, CGN Esports is known for its VALORANT roster, content creators, and contributions to the local Cologne esports scene. Razer, on the other hand, is an established hardware brand with an extensive international presence and a slew of esports team partnerships under its belt.

The collaboration will concentrate on CGN Esports’ VALORANT and Fortnite teams, providing players with Razer peripherals and enabling both brands to work together on product development and improvement, which would enhance the gaming experience for their customers.

In a statement, David Dick, COO and Co-Owner of CGN Esports, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “Partnering with Razer is a dream come true. It’s a testament to our growth from newcomers to a significant force in esports. With Razer’s top-notch products, we are poised to reach new heights in the DACH and international gaming scenes.”

This is not the first time Razer has entered into such partnerships. The brand is known for its customized collaborations with high-profile partners and its commitment to enlisting the help of esports teams in product development. Earlier this year, Khang Thai, Razer’s Senior Manager for Global Marketing in Esports, discussed the company’s approach in an interview with Esports Insider.

CGN Esports has a close relationship with the University of Cologne and has collaborated on various activations and events in its hometown. This partnership with Razer, which aims to equip CGN’s VALORANT and Fortnite rosters with cutting-edge gaming gear, is expected to further solidify the organisation’s standing in the esports industry.

With a diverse range of partnerships with numerous esports teams worldwide, Razer continues to demonstrate its dedication to supporting and enhancing the gaming experience for esports players and fans. This collaboration with CGN Esports not only adds to Razer’s impressive portfolio but also signifies the continued growth and evolution of the esports industry at large.

As esports continues to gain traction and expand its global audience, partnerships like the one between CGN Esports and Razer are crucial to the advancement and innovation of gaming technology. The impact of collaborations like these is sure to reverberate throughout the industry, reinforcing the existing connections between technology brands and esports organisations for years to come.

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