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Epic Games Store Celebrates Holidays with Daily Free Game Giveaways

Epic Games Store Celebrates Holidays with Daily Free Game Giveaways

For the fifth year in a row, the Epic Games Store is gifting its users daily free games throughout the holiday season. Starting December 19 and ending on January 4, you can claim one free game each day, with 24 hours to do so before it’s gone. Once claimed, these games are yours to keep forever, making it a truly epic holiday season for gamers everywhere.

The first game to be offered is DNF Duel, a fighting game from the Guilty Gear Studio. Developed by Arc System Works, Eighting Co, and Neople, DNF Duel features unique gameplay mechanics, such as an entirely new health bar system, crisp anime-inspired visuals, and easy-to-learn fundamentals. With 16 unique characters and both online and local multiplayer modes, this fighting game makes an excellent addition to anyone’s library.

Epic Games Store’s holiday tradition offering free games started in 2019, with previous giveaways including high-profile titles like Death Stranding, Sable, and Wolfenstein: The New Order. While there’s no confirmed list for the upcoming event, we can expect a mix of AAA and indie games making their way to our libraries. So, mark your calendars for Christmas Day when Epic’s most high-profile game is typically offered.

During this event, the daily free games will take precedence over the regularly scheduled weekly releases of free games until January 2024. Users have until 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET each day to claim the free game before it’s replaced by the next offering.


A Great Initiative by Epic Games

The Epic Games Store holiday campaign is a fantastic opportunity for the gaming community to explore new titles. This initiative not only encourages users to visit the platform more frequently, but also provides an excellent way for lesser-known indie games to gain exposure amidst AAA titles.

Social media reactions have been largely positive, with many gamers expressing excitement and anticipation for the upcoming daily freebies. This holiday campaign seems to be generating a lot of buzz online, which can only be a good thing for Epic Games Store.

A Win-Win for Epic and Gamers

In conclusion, the Epic Games Store holiday campaign is a welcome initiative that benefits both the platform and its users. Not only do gamers get the chance to expand their libraries, but Epic Games Store also increases its visibility and engagement, potentially attracting more users and developers in the long run.

Although it’s still too early to speculate on specific titles that will be offered this year, based on previous years, we can look forward to a great mix of exciting games. Don’t forget to visit the Epic Games Store website every day starting December 19 and grab each free game within its 24-hour window! Happy gaming and happy holidays!

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