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Bethesda Reveals Exciting Updates and Expansion for Starfield

Bethesda Reveals Exciting Updates and Expansion for Starfield

Last week, Bethesda Game Studios unveiled the new features for their space exploration game, Starfield. Since its launch in September, the game has amassed an impressive 13 million players, making it the biggest launch in the company’s history. Bethesda aims to solidify the game’s position in the market by introducing quality-of-life updates, mod support, and new ways to travel, as well as the game’s first major expansion, Shattered Space.

A Journey Through the Stars: Starfield’s Unique Features

Starfield’s players have been exploring a vast universe encompassing nearly 2 billion planets. To streamline this experience, Bethesda plans to launch updates every six weeks starting February 2024. These updates will include quality-of-life improvements such as town maps, new ways to travel, ship decoration options, and new ship building features. Bethesda aims to personalize gameplay by introducing more difficulty settings, allowing players to adjust carry capacity, cargo access distance, ship damage, vendor credits, and afflictions.

Mod Support and the New Creation Kit

Bethesda Game Studios is known for its robust modding community across its titles. To continue this tradition, mod support for Starfield will arrive next year. With the introduction of a new Creation Kit and an exporter, players can anticipate being able to create and share new in-game content, expanding the universe of Starfield even further.

Expanding the Universe: Shattered Space

The first major expansion for Starfield, Shattered Space, is under development and scheduled for release next year. This expansion promises to bring new story content, locations, gear, and more to the game. Players can expect a deeper dive into the lore and setting of Starfield’s universe, enhancing their gaming experience.

A Look into the Future

As a gaming journalist, these updates open the door for a plethora of questions that could be asked of Bethesda in regard to Starfield’s future:

  • Will Starfield eventually incorporate multiplayer options to foster a more social and connected experience for its players?
  • How frequently can we expect updates for the Shattered Space expansion after its release?
  • Will there be a timeline for upcoming expansions and additional content?
  • Are there plans for cross-platform support or a release on newer generation consoles?

Overall, the updates and expansion planned for Starfield paint an exciting picture for the future of this space exploration game. Bethesda’s commitment to enhancing the player experience through new features, gameplay mechanics, mod support, and a first major expansion will undoubtedly have Starfield fans eager to explore new horizons. Stay tuned for more details about the game as they become available.

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