Battle Stars’ Explosive Diwali Update: New Delhi Diwali Map and More!

Battle Stars’ Explosive Diwali Update: New Delhi Diwali Map, Legendary Techno Gamerz Hero and More!

The popular casual hero shooter game, Battle Stars, has just launched its first ever major Diwali update. This impressive new update brings a slew of new content making it even more engaging for players throughout the gaming community.

Light up the Night with the New Delhi Diwali Map

In this festive update, Battle Stars’ Delhi map has been transformed into a captivating night map, with the city illuminated by twinkling lights and diyas. The game truly embraces the Diwali spirit as the entire map is adorned with vibrant decorations and beautiful rangoli. Players will now find gift boxes replacing loot boxes, and traditional sutli bombs taking the place of grenades, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.


Introducing the Legendary Techno Gamerz Hero

The Diwali update introduces a brand new hero based on India’s top gaming YouTuber, Techno Gamerz, also known as Ujjwal Chaurasia. Drawing inspiration from Chaurasia’s love for Agent 47 in the Hitman series, this legendary rarity hero comes equipped with a high rate of fire primary weapon and deals electrical damage over time with his secondary weapon.

More Content, Deeper Gameplay

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This latest update follows the addition of deeper gameplay systems and mechanics to Battle Stars, including Super Weapons, brand new free legendary skins for each character, and Pro Controls. Every playable character has also received a revamped progression and upgrade system.

Battle Stars has even had Cricket World Cup-inspired skins added to their most popular characters in a previous update.

Exciting Milestone: Google Play Users’ Choice Game of 2023 Nomination

Battle Stars has proudly been nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Game of 2023. To support India’s first creator-led and community-driven game, vote for Battle Stars here.

Battle Stars Seasons: A Quick Recap

As Battle Stars’ Season 1 concluded, players competed for a chance to meet Techno Gamerz in person. During those thrilling three weeks, players clocked in approximately two million hours and played nearly 3.7 million matches! Season 2 has just wrapped up with players again battling for the top leaderboard spot and bragging rights, totaling 20 million matches played and over 41 million kills.

This exciting Diwali update offers long-time players and newcomers alike an opportunity to explore new gameplay innovations, challenges, and features. Get ready to immerse yourself in the festivities and embrace the electrifying spirit of Diwali in Battle Stars!


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