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5 Reasons Why Overwatch Dominates The MOBA Scene 

5 Reasons Why Overwatch Dominates The MOBA Scene

Overwatch and Smite are both popular on the MOBA scene, but which game is truly better? Players love MOBAs for both the thrill and the complexity of each match. After all, players have to choose their unique heroes, rise to the top, and dominate the battlefield. And while DOTA 2 and League of Legends dominate much of the MOBA scene, other promising games take players’ attention. For instance, Overwatch quickly took the MOBA scene by storm with its action-packed FPS mechanics. Meanwhile, Smite lets players duke it out as Gods in third-person glory.

Overwatch’s Strengths

1. Overwatch: Immerse With Rich Lore

The FPS MOBA sets itself 30 years after the “Omnic Crisis,” a war between humans and hostile robots called Omnics. Of all the groups formed by nations to defeat the threat, it’s Overwatch that managed to restore order. Unfortunately, an internal conflict led to the abolishment of Overwatch.

2. Overwatch: Popularized The “Hero Shooter”

Overwatch brought the concept of heroes with distinct abilities and playstyles into the FPS genre. This combination of MOBA and FPS elements created a unique, engaging experience for players that quickly rose in popularity.

3. Overwatch: Heroes With Unique Stories

Each hero in Overwatch has their own individual backstory and personal motivations that tie in with the overall narrative. This character development adds depth and nuance to the game, making players more invested in their favorite heroes.

4. Overwatch: Multiple Modes Is Good For Replayability

Overwatch offers a range of game modes, including casual and competitive options, custom games, and arcade modes. These various modes encourage players to continue playing, experimenting with new heroes and strategies.

5. Overwatch: Overwatch 2 On The Way

The upcoming release of Overwatch 2 promises to build upon the successes of the original game, with expanded game modes, new heroes, and updated graphics. This will likely keep the game fresh and exciting for both new and existing players.

Smite’s Strengths

1. Smite: It’s An Inter-Pantheon War

Smite stands out as a MOBA where playable characters are Gods from various mythologies, such as Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and more. This unique lineup of characters creates an engaging and diverse game world.

2. Smite: MOBA Has Potential In Third-Person Play

Rather than the traditional top-down view of most MOBAs, Smite uses a third-person perspective. This allows for more immersive gameplay and a distinct experience compared to other MOBAs on the market.

3. Smite: Lanes, Minions, Structures Have Appeal

With the classic MOBA design of lanes, minions, and structures, Smite appeals to fans of traditional MOBAs like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, while still offering a fresh take on the genre.

4. Smite: 100+ Playable Gods

The extensive roster of over 100 playable Gods offers players a wide variety of playstyles and strategies, ensuring that the game stays fresh and engaging even after many hours of gameplay.

5. Smite: Cthulhu, More Heroes To Arrive

Smite stays strong as a MOBA with more gods coming along the way. Lovecraftian horror begins to enter the world

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