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4 Features that should be added in VALORANT 2024

4 Features that should be added in VALORANT 2024

Here are four unique and interesting features that could be added to VALORANT in 2024 to make the game more engaging, challenging, and enjoyable:

  1. Dynamic Maps:
    Instead of fixed map layouts, introduce dynamic maps that change every few weeks or months, with new pathways or rooms, or even variable hazards such as environmental or weather changes. This would keep the gameplay fresh, as players would need to constantly adapt and develop new strategies for each map’s evolving disposition. Dynamic maps could incorporate interactive elements such as moving platforms, destructible walls, or doors that can be opened or closed to alter routes and sightlines.
  1. Special Agent Abilities:
    These game-changing abilities can be unlocked through progression or victories in special events, allowing for a deep customization of agent gameplay. Special abilities can range from unique utility abilities, such as creating a small temporary barrier to block enemy sightlines, to niche combat abilities like a short burst of increased fire rate. This added level of customization allows players to tailor characters to their playstyle and adds interesting tactical choices during matches.
  1. Cooperative PvE Mode:
    Introduce a cooperative Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode, where teams of players work together to complete objectives and face AI-controlled enemies. Missions can range from hostage rescue, area defense, or clearing out enemy strongholds. These PvE experiences can offer rich narrative opportunities, giving insights into the agents’ backgrounds and the world of VALORANT, while also providing players a chance to cooperate with their friends and practice in a less competitive environment.
  1. Seasonal Events and Themed Challenges:
    Creating seasonal events and themed challenges offers players unique rewards such as exclusive weapon skins, character cosmetics, or profile icons. Challenges can be tied to specific agents, tactics, or achievements, encouraging players to explore various characters and play styles. These events can also provide limited-time game modes that alter the rules or introduce new mechanics, further broadening the player experience and keeping the game engaging over time.


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By implementing these four features in VALORANT in 2024, the gameplay experience will become more dynamic, challenging, and enjoyable for both casual and competitive players, securing the game’s longevity and appeal over the long term.

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