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The Most Exciting VALORANT Teams to Watch in VCT 2024

The Most Exciting VALORANT Teams to Watch in VCT 2024

As we gear up for the VCT 2024 season, there are a plethora of VALORANT teams that are poised to make their mark on the worldwide stage. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the teams to keep an eye on, including underdogs, rookies, and veteran players.

1. Sentinels

The Sentinels have consistently impressed with their strong performance, making them a favorite heading into VCT 2024. With key players like TenZ, ShahZaM, and SicK, this experienced squad has the potential to go the distance.

Keep an eye on their new addition, DRX, a rising star whose expertise and fresh perspective could be the key to unlocking this team’s full potential. Given their track record, the Sentinels are poised for another deep run in the VCT.

2. Evil Geniuses

Following their VCT 2023 championship win, Evil Geniuses have undoubtedly caught the attention of esports enthusiasts. While the roster remains largely intact, the team has made some strategic changes to maintain their position as a dominant force.

One underdog to look out for is newcomer Leviatán, a talented rookie with enormous potential. With the guidance of seasoned veterans on the team, he may be the surprise catalyst that leads EG to back-to-back championships.

3. NRG

NRG started turning heads after their late 2023 resurgence. With a bold overhaul of their roster, the team is primed for a strong campaign in VCT 2024. Notably, their coach brought in promising talents Xeqtr and NatoSaphix during the off-season, bolstering their strategic depth and firepower.

As such, NRG is poised to be this season’s sleeper squad with the capability to upset established champions. Their chemistry and wildcard potential make them a must-watch in the upcoming tournament.

4. Acend

One of Europe’s top contenders, Acend continues to solidify its status with the stellar play of standout performer cNed. The Turkish player’s mechanical skills and unrivaled clutch factor keep the team in the running for any match.

Furthermore, the addition of DevilWalk as head coach in the off-season could provide the strategic edge Acend needs to elevate their game. Don’t be surprised if this team capitalizes on their underdog status to defeat higher-ranked opponents.

5. Team Liquid

Team Liquid has relentlessly honed their skills, enhancing their chances in the upcoming VCT. The core roster, featuring screaM, Jamppi, and L1NK, remains a potent combination with the ability to dismantle any team’s defense.

Fans should be excited to see rookie prodigy keeys join the fold, as his raw talent and potential for explosive plays could elevate Team Liquid’s overall performance.

Underdogs and Sleeper Squads

a. DRX

Ranked as one of the top teams in the world, DRX is making significant changes to chase a trophy in VCT 2024. With original members Goo “Rb” Sang-min and Kim “Zest” Gi-seok moved to the inactive roster, the team is betting big on late 2023 newcomer Jung “Foxy9” Jae-sung and young talent Cho “Flashback” Min-hyuk from their prospects team. These changes show that Team DRX is focused on being more than just a top contender; they’re aiming for the top prize.

b. Oxygen Esports

With a line of exciting talents, Oxygen Esports has the potential to emerge as 2024’s dark horse. Bolstering their roster with additions like Dylan “mezii” Dobson and Logan “Cynic” Ellis, Oxygen could very well ride their newfound momentum to the top of the podium.

In summary, these are the VALORANT teams to watch in the upcoming VCT 2024 season. From up-and-coming rookies to experienced veterans, and from potential underdogs to reigning champions, these squads will surely deliver thrilling esports action for VALORANT enthusiasts worldwide. So buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable season ahead!

Keep these teams in mind as we head into the VCT 2024 season, and don’t miss out on the thrilling competition in the VALORANT esports scene!

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