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100 Thieves Drops 4 LoL Players: The Impact

100 Thieves Drops 4 League of Legends (LoL) Players: An Analysis of Potential Reasons and Future Impacts

100 Thieves have recently made drastic changes to their League of Legends roster, dropping four players—Ssumday, Closer, Doublelift, and Busio—ahead of the 2023-24 LCS offseason. In this analysis, we will explore the potential reasons for these departures and their impact on the team’s next season performance.

Performance Factors

One possible reason for 100 Thieves’ decision to drop these players could be related to their overall performance in the recent competitive seasons. Although the individual skill levels of these players are not to be underestimated, the organization may have recognized the need for a fresh start to compete at a higher level. By releasing the players whose contracts are expiring and undergoing a roster overhaul, 100 Thieves aim to build a more competitive team and improve their chances of success in the upcoming seasons.

Team Chemistry

A cohesive and synergistic team dynamic is crucial to success in eSports, particularly when it comes to high-level competitions like the LCS. Over the past few seasons, there may have been internal conflicts or communication issues within 100 Thieves, affecting their ability to perform at their best. Dropping four players presents a clean slate for the organization to create a more synergistic roster with better chemistry, as they rebuild around their remaining star mid laner, Quid.

Offseason Acquisitions

The LCS offseason presents a wealth of opportunities for teams to make strategic acquisitions and trades aimed at bolstering their roster. By releasing four players, 100 Thieves open up four slots for new talent or more experienced players who may have been part of successful teams in the past. They have already reportedly reached a verbal agreement with Golden Guardians jungler, River, who might help strengthen their jungle position.

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Next Season’s Chances

While it’s difficult to predict exactly how these changes will affect 100 Thieves’ chances in the upcoming season, a roster overhaul indicates the organization’s commitment to improvement and competitiveness. By securing strong new players and focusing on building a harmonious team dynamic, 100 Thieves may turn the tables and rise through the ranks in the LCS.

Possible Future Changes and Fan Reactions

Further roster changes may be in the pipeline for 100 Thieves, as they continue to revamp their lineup. As contracts expire and free agency begins, both the team and fans should keep an eye on potential acquisitions to fill the remaining open positions. The fans’ reactions may be mixed; some may lament the departure of beloved players, while others will be excited about the promise of a new era for 100 Thieves in the LCS.

In conclusion, 100 Thieves has embarked on a total rebuild, dropping four LoL players for various potential reasons, including performance, team chemistry, and offseason acquisitions. As long as the organization makes intelligent roster decisions and focuses on creating a cohesive team environment, their chances of success in the next LCS season could potentially increase. Fans should be prepared for both uncertainty and excitement, as 100 Thieves pushes to become a more competitive force in the eSports scene.

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