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Top Overwatch Pro Permanently Banned with No Explanation

Top Overwatch Pro Permanently Banned with No Explanation: Troubling Situation for eSports Star Proper

A shocking development in the Overwatch community as one of the world’s best players, Proper, has been hit with a permanent ban with no reasons given by the game developers. Bans in Overwatch 2 are typically justified, as the devs take measures to eliminate toxicity in the player base. However, recent incidents suggest that the system may be faltering.

In a recent viral case, a player was suspended for harmless banter, highlighting potential flaws in the system. Now, it seems that even top professionals are not immune to mysterious bans.

Dong-Hyun “Proper” Kim, a renowned DPS player, earned numerous accolades in his debut year, making him one of the most accomplished Overwatch players ever. Yet, on February 1, he received a sudden permanent ban. In his tweet, he expressed his desire to simply play the game.

The reason behind Proper’s ban was communicated through an automated message, citing a breach of Overwatch’s code of conduct. This ambiguous explanation could encompass various offenses like toxicity, hacking, griefing, or even ban evasions. There is a possibility that he was wrongly reported by other players.

Overwatch’s in-game code of conduct

Troublingly, Proper’s ban will not be overturned by Blizzard support, and he will not receive refunds for any in-game purchases. This poses a significant setback for the former OWL MVP, as the Overwatch Championship Series is about to begin its open qualifiers, and a suspended account disqualifies him from participating.

The outcome of Blizzard’s decision remains uncertain as the OWCS Asia open qualifiers approach. The fate of one of the game’s most talented players hangs in the balance.

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