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The Silent Agent Crate in BGMI a New Wardrobe Upgrade!

The Silent Agent Crate in BGMI: Get Ready for a New Wardrobe Upgrade! January 2024 

Attention all Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players! A new crate has arrived to give your characters a stylish and mysterious transformation – presenting the Silent Agent Crate. This crate brings an assortment of male and female character costumes that are sure to make you stand out on the battlefield. With the event running until January 25th, let’s dive into the details of the Silent Agent Crate, what it offers, and how you can acquire those fascinating rewards.

Acquiring the Silent Agent Crate: How and When

The Silent Agent Crate distinguishes itself from other in-game crates by offering two different ways of acquiring its rewards. Players can participate in the event draw and spend Unknown Cash (UC) for a chance to win these exclusive costumes or collect Silent Agent Crate Coins to redeem rewards from the event shop.

The first draw of the day is available for 28 UC, after which a single draw will cost 40 UC and drawing 10 at a time will set you back 360 UC. For those interested in this captivating event, make your move now as it will end on January 25th, the same day as the 2.9 update!

Silent Agent Crate Mini Inventory: What Awaits You

A broad spectrum of costumes awaits you inside the Silent Agent Crate. Some of the head-turning rewards include:

  • Silent Agent Cover and Silent Agent Set
  • Specter Soldier Cover and Specter Soldier Set
  • Venust Evenfall Cover and Venust Evenfall Set
  • Madame Carmine Cover and Madame Carmine Set
  • Stoic Grace Cover and Stoic Grace Set
  • Venomous Onesie Set
  • Modification Material Piece

While some of these sets are built more for aesthetics, others may grant a slight advantage in-game due to their less conspicuous visual appearance. Additionally, the Modification Material Pieces can be utilized to upgrade your weapon accessories.

Exchange Rates: Saving Up Silent Agent Crate Coins

As mentioned earlier, the rewards present in the Silent Agent Crate can also be redeemed through accumulation of Silent Agent Crate Coins. Find the respective prices for each costume below:

  • Silent Agent Cover: 250 Coins
  • Silent Agent Set: 500 Coins
  • Specter Soldier Cover: 250 Coins
  • Specter Soldier Set: 500 Coins
  • Venust Evenfall Cover: 120 Coins
  • Venust Evenfall Set: 250 Coins
  • Madame Carmine Cover: 120 Coins
  • Madame Carmine Set: 250 Coins
  • Stoic Grace Cover: 120 Coins
  • Stoic Grace Set: 250 Coins

Before venturing further into the event, make sure the rewards you’re eyeing are worth the expense in UC or Silent Agent Crate Coins.

Expert Opinion: Is the Silent Agent Crate Worth Your Time and Money?

The Silent Agent Crate provides BGMI players with a fantastic opportunity to upgrade their character costumes at a relatively low cost. However, it is vital to weigh the skippable nature of some of these rewards against your in-game priorities and personal preferences. If you are a frequent UC spender and value the appearance of your characters, this event may be right up your alley.

On the flip side, if you’re more focused on competitive gameplay and less interested in cosmetics, the Silent Agent Crate may not suit your needs. However, the Modification Material Pieces could be a game-changer if you

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