Esports Wales Secures Funding to Develop Gaming Industry in the Region

Esports Wales Secures Funding Boost to Develop Gaming Industry in the Region

Esports Wales, the leading organisation dedicated to developing and promoting esports in the country, has successfully secured funding from Media Cymru’s Development Fund. Established in 2018, Esports Wales quickly became the governing body for esports within the country, overseeing local and national tournaments, esports training programs, and international team participation, such as the Commonwealth Esports Championships.

The contest at the Commonwealth Games, being held from the 6th-7th August, will feature topflight esports athletes from across the nations of the Commonwealth, with Esports Wales fielding teams in six categories:

  • Rocket League Open
  • Rocket League Womens
  • Dota 2 Open
  • Dota 2 Womens
  • Efootball
  • Efootball Womens.

With a primary goal to transform Cardiff and its surrounding region into a hub for the media sector through sustainable economic growth, Media Cymru’s Development Fund has granted up to £50,000 to Esports Wales. The funding will be used to complete the project titled ‘Esports Wales: A New Game Plan for Wales’, with the full details expected to be announced soon.

This investment is part of a broader initiative which saw 23 other businesses and freelancers receiving financial support from Media Cymru. The company’s funding efforts extend to a range of sectors, including virtual event experiences, ethical AI, music-based extended reality, and 2D/3D animation.

A 12-month deadline has been given to Esports Wales to complete the selected project, after which it can apply for Scale Up funding. If accepted, the organisation would be eligible for an additional £250,000 to pursue further projects.

The funding announcement has been widely hailed as a game-changer for both Esports Wales and the wider gaming industry in the region. Esports Wales recently secured its position as a full member of the European Esports Federation, further solidifying its growing presence on the global stage.

Media Cymru’s Director, Professor Justin Lewis, has expressed his excitement about the funding initiatives, stating: “We’re excited by the projects we’re supporting in this funding round, exploring innovation in storytelling, new ways of doing business, as well as innovative ways of using new technologies. We look forward to working with them to help them create new products, services, and experiences to add social, cultural, and economic value to the Welsh creative economy.”

The recent funding not only signifies a significant milestone for Esports Wales and the regional gaming industry but also highlights the growing recognition of the esports sector’s potential for economic growth and diversification. As Media Cymru continues its mission to promote sustainable economic growth in the region, the gaming community in Wales and the broader media industry have a promising future built on collaboration and innovation.

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