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The Post Malone Apex Legends Event: A Closer Look

The Post Malone Apex Legends Event: A Closer Look

Apex Legends is set to release an exhilarating collaboration with Post Malone this November 7th. The event, aptly named the Post Malone Apex Event, will feature a fresh Limited Time Mode (LTM), exclusive in-game cosmetics, and more. As avid gamers and Post Malone fans alike anticipate this collaboration, we dive deeper into what to expect from this electrifying event.

New Limited Time Mode: Three Strikes

The highlight of the Post Malone Apex Event is the Limited Time Mode called “Three Strikes.” This adrenaline-pumping twist on the Apex Battle Royale promises an intense and fast-paced gaming experience. The mode features invincibility when downed, lightning-fast revives, and squad respawns for seemingly endless frenetic chaos.

“The Three Strikes mode aims to bring the craziness of a Post Malone live concert to the Apex battle royale experience,” said a representative at EA. Players are certain to be on the edge of their seats as they maneuver through thrilling highs and lows, mirroring the exhilaration of a Post Malone performance.

Iconic Skins and Memorabilia

Another exciting aspect of the Post Malone Apex Event is the exclusive in-game cosmetics. Hand-in-hand with the award-winning singer himself, the skins carry a brand-new tier of rarity called “Iconic,” showcasing some of Post Malone’s favorite Legends and weapons.

Featuring skins for Lifeline, Horizon, Wraith and Octane, players will also have access to matching weapon skins for the Wingman, R301, Prowler, and CAR SMG. Stickers, holo sprays, and banner frames will also be introduced, elevating the gaming experience.

“These collaborative skins were crafted with Post Malone’s distinct style in mind,” said the game developer. “We’re confident that both Post Malone fans and Apex Legends players will be thrilled with this fusion of music and gaming.”

Post Malone Twitch Drops

Don’t miss the limited edition Post Malone-themed Twitch Drops that will be available during select Twitch Streams throughout the event! Watch out for announcements on where to catch these exciting inclusions.


We anticipate the Post Malone Apex event to be a massive success as it merges the worlds of battle royales and music, bringing high-energy in-game experiences and iconic customization options that will keep players hooked. Whether a Post Malone fan or not, the unique features and exclusive skins are sure to draw the attention of gamers from all walks of life.

“I’m really excited to bring my own style into Apex Legends with this event,” said Post Malone. “It’s incredible to see two passions of mine, music and gaming, collide like this. I can’t wait for the fans to join in on the chaotic fun!”

Prepare for a wild ride as the Post Malone Apex Event takes over your screens this November 7th! And remember, practice your quick reflexes – you’ll need them in the Three Strikes Limited Time Mode.

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