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The Finals Update 1.4.1: Balancing the Scales

The Finals Update 1.4.1: Balancing the Scales — A Deep Dive into Aim Assist Nerf

The Finals, a highly popular multiplayer game, has been at the center of a heated debate since day one surrounding its game mechanic: aim assist. Some players argue that the feature provides an unfair advantage for controller users in crossplay matches, while others claim it only serves to level the playing field. Embark Studios, the game’s developer, has been closely monitoring player feedback and recently released the 1.4.1 update, which includes a highly-anticipated nerf to aim assist. We’ll delve into the implications of this nerf, discuss expert opinions, and examine patch notes to understand its impact on competitive gameplay.

A New Balance: What Changed with Aim Assist in The Finals

The 1.4.1 update introduced several significant changes aimed at balancing the aim assist for controller users and minimizing complaints from mouse & keyboard players. Firstly, the patch reduces controller magnetism from 50 percent to 35 percent, making aiming more challenging for controller players. Previously, invisible players succumbed to aim assist, but the update addresses this issue, leveling the playing field for stealthy light-build players. Zoom snapping now takes 0.3 seconds instead of 0.25 seconds, and is no longer available for selected weapons, including shotguns, the SR-84, the LH1, and the R .357. Furthermore, the update addresses potential abuse: those running key remapping software on PC will no longer have access to aim assist.

K/D Ratios in Competitive Crossplay: Professional players, as well as industry insiders, weighed in on how these changes might impact the K/D ratio in crossplay matches. Top-tier player Silvia “Sharpshooter” Martinez notes, “Reducing the controller magnetism will definitely make a difference in achieving a more balanced crossplay experience. I’m eager to see how the K/D ratios will change in the upcoming tournaments.”

Patch Notes and Additional Changes in The Finals 1.4.1 Update

In addition to aim assist adjustments, the patch notes provide details on multiple fixes and balance changes. Notably:

  • Added a max cap for zoom-snapping angular velocity to prevent unintended rapid turning during combat
  • Mesh Shield health reduced to 1100 from 1250
  • C4 damage reduced to 210 from 240, with a smaller damage radius
  • Introduced arming times for Mines, Gas Mines, Glitch Traps, and Pyro Mines
  • Decreased damage radius for RPG-7 while increasing its aim-down sights and hip-fire dispersion

Refer to the full patch notes [here] for a comprehensive list of updates.

An Optimistic Outlook: The Future of Competitive Gameplay in The Finals

While the aim assist nerf in the 1.4.1 update might initially create some friction among controller users, its intention is to cultivate a more balanced crossplay experience in The Finals. Eric Allard, an eSports analyst, commented, “I believe that making these adjustments to the aim assist mechanic will drive the game’s competitive scene to the next level, allowing players to showcase their skills under more equitable conditions.”

Embark Studios’ prompt response to the aim assist issue and their commitment to ensuring a balanced gameplay experience have been met with mostly positive reactions. Even if the changes do not fully satisfy all players, the developer’s attentive approach is a promising sign for the future of competitive gaming.

The aim assist nerf in the 1.4.1 update has been a hot topic among controller users on, with many expressing their concerns and opinions on how it will affect their gameplay experience. This change is aimed at creating a more balanced playing field for crossplay competitions, particularly in The Finals where players from different platforms compete against each other.

While some may argue that this adjustment to the aim assist mechanic might be disadvantageous for controller players, Eric Allard, an eSports analyst, believes that it will ultimately elevate the game’s competitive scene. By reducing the effectiveness of aim assist, players will have to rely more on their own skills and precision rather than relying solely on assisted aiming.

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