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NODWIN Gaming Invests €8 Million in Freaks 4U Gaming

NODWIN Gaming Invests €8 Million in Freaks 4U Gaming, solidifying their alliance

Indian esports company, NODWIN Gaming, has made a significant investment of €8 million in Freaks 4U Gaming, a global gaming marketing agency based in Berlin, Germany.

Nodwin Gaming, the esports subsidiary of Nazara Technologies, has made a strategic investment of €8 million (approximately Rs 75 crore) in Freaks 4U Gaming, a Germany-based company. This investment gives Nodwin Gaming a 13.51 percent stake in Freaks 4U Gaming, bolstering its capabilities in the global esports market.

In May 2023, Nodwin Gaming successfully raised $28 million in funding from new investors Sony Group Corporation and Innopark, as well as existing investors like Nazara, Krafton, and JetSynthesys. This funding round valued the company at $349 million, a significant increase from its previous valuation of $135 million in March 2021.

Over the past year, Nodwin Gaming has been actively expanding its presence in India and international markets through strategic acquisitions and investments. Notable additions to their portfolio include the recent acquisition of Comic Con India for Rs 55 crore, enhancing their events lineup.

In October 2023, Nodwin Gaming’s Singapore unit acquired game marketing agency Publishme, gaining a 100 percent stake in the company for $2 million. This acquisition further strengthens Nodwin Gaming’s offerings for brands and publishers.

Other notable acquisitions and investments by Nodwin Gaming include a 51 percent stake purchase in live events firm Branded, an acquisition of the gaming and adjacent IP businesses of OML Entertainment, and a stake in digital media firm Rusk Media.

In addition, Nodwin Gaming has expanded its product offerings through the acquisition of gaming accessories maker Brandscale Innovations and comics retailer Planet Superheroes.

Nodwin Gaming’s strategic investments and acquisitions demonstrate its commitment to growth and innovation in the esports industry, positioning itself as a key player in both the Indian and global markets.

Initially, the investment began with a convertible loan agreement of €3.6 million, which has now been converted into equity. Shortly after, NODWIN Gaming acquired additional shares by contributing an additional €4.4 million.

This brings the total investment to €8 million and grants NODWIN Gaming a 13.51% stake in Freaks 4U Gaming. With this investment, NODWIN Gaming also has the option to gain majority control in the future by exchanging equity with the investors and founders of Freaks 4U Gaming.

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As part of this partnership, NODWIN Gaming and Freaks 4U Gaming will strategically utilize each other’s resources, including personnel, equipment, and facilities in their respective markets.

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NODWIN Gaming will gain access to Freaks 4U Gaming’s network in developed markets and the PC ecosystem, while Freaks 4U Gaming will tap into NODWIN’s emerging market network, mobile esports capabilities, and youth culture ecosystems.

To ensure successful integration and collaboration, Niels Wolter will join the Freaks 4U Gaming advisory board, providing expertise in strategy and operations.

Known for their comprehensive services, Freaks 4U Gaming offers marketing consultancy, social media management, event organization, media production, and tailored solutions since 2011.

Both companies are excited about the future prospects of this partnership and are eager to explore new avenues of cooperation. This investment not only demonstrates NODWIN Gaming’s commitment to growth but also strengthens their position in the gaming and esports industry.

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