Nintendo Switch Online to Launch Adults-Only App in Japan, Featuring Jet Force Gemini

Nintendo Switch Online to Launch Adults-Only App in Japan, Featuring Jet Force Gemini

Nintendo has announced its plan to bring another Nintendo 64 classic, Jet Force Gemini, to the Nintendo Switch’s online subscription service, but there’s a twist for fans living in Japan. A separate adults-only app will be required to play this iconic game, launching on Nov. 30 alongside Jet Force Gemini.

According to VGC’s report on Nov. 22, the app is specifically designed for adults and has been created due to the game’s Z-rating in Japan, the country’s highest age classification. Z-rated games can only be sold to players aged 18 or older, which prevents companies from featuring these games on services accessible to minors. This is the main reason why another N64 classic, Goldeneye 007, was not added to the Japanese Switch service earlier this year.

Jet Force Gemini main characters holding weapons | Image via Rare

The adults-only app is Nintendo’s clever solution to distribute both Jet Force Gemini and Goldeneye 007 within its home country while complying with Japan’s rating restrictions. As amusing as it might be to imagine adult Switch owners in Japan downloading the app to revisit their childhood favorites, this move could bring significant changes to the Switch Online user base.

The introduction of an adults-only app raises questions about Nintendo’s family-friendly image, potentially impacting the console’s appeal among families and younger players. However, it’s worth noting that the app is designed exclusively for the Japanese market and only features two Z-rated games, making it a minor segment of Switch’s broad gaming library.

As far as future collaborations between Nintendo and Rare’s parent company Microsoft are concerned, the addition of Jet Force Gemini on Switch’s online service is a good indication that their working relationship remains strong. Other Rare gems like Goldeneye 007 and Banjo-Kazooie have been added to the service recently, keeping fans optimistic that titles like Banjo-Tooie and Diddy Kong Racing will join the lineup in the future.

The adults-only app is set to be released on Nov. 30, alongside Jet Force Gemini. For Nintendo enthusiasts eagerly awaiting this launch, it’s an exciting moment in the company’s history, expanding Switch’s offerings beyond its usual family-oriented approach. It remains to be seen if this new direction will influence the gaming giant’s long-term strategy, but for now, fans in Japan can rejoice in the opportunity to revisit Rare’s iconic classics, albeit in a uniquely restricted manner.

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