Business Dives Into Esports With Partnerships and Ambitious Plans Dives Into Esports With Partnerships and Ambitious Plans

Web3 fantasy sports management platform has announced plans to make a significant splash in the esports industry, partnering with esports organizations and allocating a significant budget to strengthen its position.

Background of is a cutting-edge Web3 platform that focuses on predicting the outcome of sporting events. Users who successfully predict the results can earn in-game tokens and collectible cards as rewards. Leveraging blockchain technology, is paving its way in the rapidly growing Web3 industry and its integration within esports.

Deal with Community Gaming and B8

To establish a strong presence within the esports industry, has recently secured deals with esports tournament platform “Community Gaming” and Ukrainian esports organization “B8.” As part of the partnership, plans to allocate up to $500,000 to mark their influential presence in esports.

The platform is set to host three Dota 2 tournaments, with one scheduled to take place in Los Angeles towards the end of 2024.’s partnership with B8 sees the esports organization take on an ambassador role, helping to promote the platform and its unique prediction-based rewards system. The partnership aims to boost’s profile among esports players and the gaming community at large.

Expanding Ambassador Programme and New Game Cards

Following the partnership with B8, revealed its ambitious plans to expand its ambassador program and collaborate with more esports teams, players, and personalities. The company has also announced its intentions to create a special collection of game cards featuring its esports ambassadors, further bridging the gap between Web3 technology and the esports scene.

Web3 Proliferation and Esports Integration’s recent announcements showcase the ongoing expansion of Web3 technologies within the esports industry. In 2022, Brazilian organization LOUD launched LOUD Club, a Web3 fan engagement platform. Late last year, multinational esports organization Team Liquid partnered with game developer Illuvium to promote its blockchain auto battler title Illuvium: Arena.

Valeri Makovetskii, CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with B8: “We are happy to support promising teams with great leaders. B8 is an excellent partner to spread the word about Maincard’s mission, which is Blockchain mass adoption among the most crowded and growing industry — Gaming.”
The Future of Esports and Gaming’s shift towards esports and forging partnerships with organizations like Community Gaming and B8 signify the potential synergies between Web3 technologies and the esports industry. As blockchain-based systems and tokenized rewards gain greater adoption, esports and gaming communities are poised to enjoy a more seamless, engaging experience that bridges the physical and digital realms in new and exciting ways.

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