LCS Sheds Two Teams as Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses Exit


LCS Sheds Two Teams as Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses Exit

Riot Games has recently confirmed rumors of the North American League of Legends league, the LCS, reducing its size from 10 to eight teams in 2024. This follows the departure of both the Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses from the league.

A Brief History of Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses

Golden Guardians

Founded in 2017 by the Golden State Warriors, Golden Guardians quickly established themselves within the LCS. With several high-profile acquisitions, the team saw moderate success during their tenure. However, the organization’s focus is shifting, as the parent company, the Golden State Warriors, have decided to prioritize their traditional sports venture in basketball.

Evil Geniuses Lol team

Evil Geniuses

Since entering the League of Legends scene in late 2019, Evil Geniuses consistently competed with the top teams in the LCS. Despite some financial difficulties, the organization managed to field competitive rosters and secure a number of respectable finishes. Unfortunately, EG’s public financial struggles this past year have made it necessary for the organization to cease their participation in the LCS.

The Evolution of the LCS and Its Impact

Over the years, the LCS has grown into a globally recognized and competitive league in the esports ecosystem. With the departure of Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses, the league may face uncertainties regarding its overall team strength and appeal to fans. This shift in the power dynamic may present both challenges and opportunities for the remaining teams.

The competition will inevitably become more fierce with fewer teams. However, the void left behind by these organizations may allow for new and ambitious teams to rise and take their places. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the viewership and general fan sentiment of the league, especially considering North America’s performance on the international stage in recent years.

ChatGPT Predicts the Future of LoL Esports

As the battle arena game [League of Legends] enters a new era, it is expected that the esports landscape will continue to evolve. With the departure of two well-established teams and shrinking of the LCS, the North American region may need to adapt in order to remain competitive with the ever-innovative global esports market. While the short-term effects may be challenging for the league, these changes may serve as a catalyst for greater growth and innovation as the landscape continues to change.

In order to stay relevant in the global esports scene, the remaining teams in the LCS will need to make significant adjustments, whether that be through roster changes, strategic innovations, or other avenues. This upheaval may even pave the way for ambitious newcomers to step in and create a new era for North American League of Legends esports.

Despite these changes, the popularity of League of Legends remains strong, suggesting that there will be continued growth and transformation within the LCS and the global esports ecosystem. As more companies, investors, and fans enter the scene, the future remains promising for the continued development and expansion of the League of Legends esports community.

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