Kronten Talks About Ghatak’s Exit and His New Plan

Kronten Talks About Ghatak’s Exit and His New Plan

Esports is no longer a niche area as it continues to grow exponentially with each passing day. In India, the popularity of esports is soaring to new heights, and the credit for that goes to several trailblazers who are revolutionizing the industry. One such influential figure is Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, the owner of Godlike Esports and a well-known name in the gaming community. With a knack for entrepreneurship and an unbridled passion for gaming, he has taken the esports industry to new realms. In this blog post, we will dive into the in-depth details of Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude’s journey, his influence on the gaming world, and his contributions to the Indian gaming industry.

Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude’s foray into entrepreneurship began in 2019 when he founded Godlike Esports, an organization that aims to provide a competitive platform for Indian gamers to showcase their skills. Godlike Esports currently boasts multiple esports titles such as CODM, Free Fire, Fifa, PUBG New State, and Valorant. Kronten’s vision for Godlike Esports is not just limited to providing a platform for Indian gamers to showcase their talents but to also create sustainable careers within the industry.

In a recent interview with Esportport,  Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude, the owner of Godlike Esports, shared insights on Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare’s departure from the organization and discussed the future plans for both parties.

Kronten explained that the separation between Ghatak and Godlike Esports stemmed from differing visions for the future in the gaming industry. He emphasized that it wasn’t a matter of either party leaving the other, but rather a mutual decision to avoid conflict due to their respective goals.

“It is not like either Ghatak has left us or we have left Ghatak, but it was more about his vision in Gaming, he wanted to do different things. This was the issue due to which we couldn’t continue together, because it creates a kind of a conflict.” – Kronten

Kronten assured that they would continue to support each other despite parting ways because of the potential conflicts of interest. Furthermore, he revealed that Ghatak has been working on his plans for the past two months and has now executed what he wanted to do.

“Ghatak has been working on his plans for two months now and has executed what he wanted to do, and hopefully, we will soon be seeing an announcement from him.” – Kronten

In the same interview, Kronten addressed the reasons behind Godlike Esports’ BGMI roster’s decline in performance in 2023. He attributed it to the numerous changes made to the roster that year, with around eight to ten players being part of the team at different times.

“An organization always goes through a downfall or a bad period, and I think that period is over for us. One of the main reasons for the decline in our performance was that we made too many changes this year.” – Kronten

Kronten expressed optimism for the upcoming year and mentioned that the organization is working on addressing the mistakes made in 2023. With this in mind, he believes that 2024 will be a successful year for Godlike Esports.

For fans of Ghatak and Godlike Esports, exciting news is on the horizon with anticipated announcements from both parties in the coming days. Be sure to follow their journey and stay tuned for updates!

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