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Free Fire MAX x Puma Collaboration

Free Fire MAX x Puma Collaboration: Suit Up with Puma Outfits in the Angelic Royale Event!

Attention all gaming and sportswear aficionados! Get ready to blend the style of the streets with the thrill of the game as Free Fire MAX rolls out its latest collaboration with the sportswear titan Puma. 🐾✨

🚀 Unlock Exclusive Puma Gear From 10-24 April 2024

Free Fire MAX is igniting the virtual world with an event that’s stylishly superior! Starting April 10th, the Angelic Royale Event is your golden ticket to exclusive Puma-themed outfits and accessories that will set the battlefield ablaze with trendsetting looks. Whether you’re after the sleek Puma Speedstar ensembles or the sky-touching grace of Heavenly shoes, there’s a cache of rewards that mirror Puma’s iconic sportswear legacy right into Free Fire MAX.

💎 Spin with Diamonds and Win!

No more blending into the background. Make a statement with every match by taking those spins in the Angelic Royale Event. From 20 diamonds for a single chance to 200 diamonds for a bundle of 11, every turn can lead to sensational Puma prize. Elevate your gameplay and wardrobe in one swift move!


🎁 A Bounty of Branded Loot

Prepare to fill your inventory with loot that’s both enviable and exclusive:

  • Puma Speedstar attire
  • Pure Angel and Heavenly footwear
  • Weapon loot crates with a Puma twist
  • A potpourri of extravagant ephemera from backpacks to weapon skins

🏃‍♂️ How to Step into Style:

  1. Open Free Fire MAX: Fire up the game and prepare for a style revolution.
  2. “Luck Royale” Red Carpet: March your way into the ‘Luck Royale’ segment on the main menu.
  3. Diamond-Driven Destiny: Spin with your stash of diamonds, and seize your stylish spoils.
  4. Trophy Time: Revel in the rewards snagged from your spins and stash them in your inventory.
📣 Calling All Fashion Frontliners:

Gaming enthusiasts, Puma loyalists, and those with a flair for in-game fashion – this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Mark your calendars, ready your diamonds, and prepare to partake in the Angelic Royale Event for a dash of Puma panache!

We are uniting the fervor for high-quality sportswear with the unyielding spirit of the gaming community in a collaboration that’s winning over the world. Bound by design, driven by the game – witness the first-of-its-kind fusion where fashion meets firepower.


🌐 Promotional Blast Off:

Keep your eyes peeled on in-game notifications and watch as influencers break the news, showcasing how Puma perfects the look of every virtual victor.

👟 Lace Up for Limited Time:

Remember, the Angelic Royale Event is open for a short sprint, not a marathon! Engage in this exclusive collaboration while the event is live and lock in your legacy as a trendsetter where it matters most.

Set your attention to Free Fire MAX. It’s time to assemble your Angelic Royale wardrobe. 💥 Participate now and step boldly into a game that’s dressed to thrill! 🎮

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