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IEM China 2024 Lineup: Main Event and Closed Qualifier Invitees Unveiled

Counter-Strike 2 ESL: IEM China 2024 Lineup: Main Event and Closed Qualifier Invitees Unveiled

The complete lineup for the highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 ESL IEM China 2024 has finally been revealed, with an exciting list of both invited teams and qualifier invitees.

Confirmed Main Event Teams

The main event will feature seven of HLTV’s top ten global rankings as they fly to China for the competition. The participant list includes partner teams G2, MOUZ, and FaZe, alongside Heroic, FURIA, and Astralis. Interestingly, Heroic currently does not have an HLTV ranking after making three player changes.

Furthermore, Monte, Cloud9, Complexity, and secured their invitations to the main event based on their rankings in the ESL World Ranking. Lynn Vision has also qualified for the main event through the China closed qualifier held in November.

Notably, Vitality and Natus Vincere have both decided to decline their invitations, leaving them as the two most significant omissions from the top ten.

Closed Qualifier Lineup
  • Falcons (Europe)
  • BetBoom (Europe)
  • BIG (Europe)
  • Eternal Fire (Europe)
  • M80 (North America)
  • BOSS (North America)
  • Rooster (Australia)
  • Bad News Kangaroos (Australia)
  • TYLOO (Asia)
  • TheMongolZ (Asia)
  • 9z (South America)
  • MIBR (South America)

The newly formed Falcons roster has earned a spot in the Europe qualifier, joining BetBoom, BIG, and Eternal Fire.

It is important to note that TYLOO will receive a second opportunity to qualify for the tournament through the Asia qualifier, giving them a chance to make up for their loss to Lynn Vision in the China qualifier.

The Counter-Strike 2 ESL IEM China 2024 event is set to take place from April 8 to 14, right after the PGL Major Copenhagen, with a staggering $250,000 prize pool. Fans and players alike are eager to witness the intense battles among these top-tier teams on their quest for glory.

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